Monday, January 05, 2009

almost mailbox Monday

One of five came in the mail...Inside Out Girl by Tish Cohen. (Been wanting to read this one for quite a few months now.) Then there was that damn Buy 2, Get 1 Free table at Barnes&Noble. Gets me every time. That's where From Beirut To Jerusalem by Thomas L. Friedman came from. I wanted it so badly, so I convinced myself I had to find another worth buying so I'd get a third for free. So I picked up Another Day in the Frontal Lobe by Katrina Firlik. And got The Book of Bright Ideas by Sandra Kring for free. And as for Paper Towns by John Green, well that needs no explanation, does it?



Just in case you've got a decent internet connection and can read this, here's a picture of your brood today:

Almost one day down, a long thirteen to go.


Lynne said...

Loved the Sandra Kring book - I've read all 3 of hers and really enjoyed them. And getting it for free should make it even better for you.

Anonymous said...

I really hope to have a John Green book in my hands this month, soon, now!

Chris said...

Yay for Paper Towns!!!! I'm so excited to see that you picked that one. And I'm jealous of the cover you got. I really wanted the Angry Margo cover but all they had was the yellow Cheery Margo cover :( But it's the contents that matter, right? As for the other ones...I haven't heard of any of them!! So I'm sure there will be many a book added to my wishlist because of you :p Don't you just love...I mean hate those buy 2 get 1 free tables? I'm such a sucker for them!

I love the picture of the gang! You should've got in there too Debi! Set the timer! Max's face totally cracks me up :p

Trish said...

I took one quick look at that "damn" buy 2 get 1 table at B&N the other day and looked the other way. I'm trying not to get any more books unless I'm going to read it soon. Althouh--I was at the bookstore...getting The Watchmen...which I probably won't get to for another few months. Sheesh!!

Cute pic of the kiddos.

Eva said...

Fun! And I love that you called your kdis 'his brood,' hehehehe. :) My latest tactic to triumph over the '3 for 2' tables (actually, at Borders now they do 2 for 1 sometimes too) is to right down the books I want to buy and then get them from the library. This only works because I have an amazing library and no spending money, though!

Jean said...

The brood? But where is Lucky, the cat lucky enough to have been adopted by your clan? And the tarantulas? And the hissing cockroaches?

As for From Beirut to Jerusalem, if you'd asked, I could have sent you my copy. Of course, you can always use Another Day in the Frontal Lobe for Annie's new challenge.

Jennifer said...

What a great pic of your beautiful kids! I hope the 2 weeks pass super quickly!

Stephanie said...

Love the picture of "the brood". Sheesh. I think I'd be in heaven if I could get Mike out of the house for awhile! I mean, I love the man dearly, but he's been on my last nerve the past couple of weeks! I need a vacation from my family!

Carl V. said...

I wish Rich a wonderful trip and all of you stuck at home the ability to stay sane!

The John Green book looks very interesting.

Melody said...

I'm going to check out John Green's books! Have been hearing a lot of great things about his books lately...

That pic is awesome! Everyone looks so happy! :)

DesLily said...

love the bood pic! (even the dog! hehe)

gads, todays posts seem that everyone is challenging everyone else as to how big their tbr pile can get! lol.. I'm still trying to figure out how the tbr pile seems to take over everything!

Dawn said...

Enjoy your recent books!!! :)

I love the picture of the kids. I hope Rich gets to see it! Only 13 can do it! I think the longest I've gone was 5 and quite frankly it was kind of nice :) :) (SHHH...don't tell my Rich!)

take care,

gail@more than a song said...

That is the cutest picture of your brood!

Hope the time passes fast!

Nymeth said...

Another yay for Paper Towns! That's the cover I like best too.

Could "the brood" look any more adorable? :D I agree with Jean, though...I wanna see the cats, cockroaches and spider next time :P

*hugs* I so hope the 13 days go by quickly.

Debi said...

So glad to hear that...I've never read anything by her before. But this one sure sounds good from the blurb on the back. :)

Yes, yes, yes, you do!

Glad I'm not the only one who gets sucked into the madness. I mean, I know it's just a ploy to get me to buy more, and still I can't resist.
Thanks, and that's a pretty typical Max face. :)

Oh please, please, please, tell me where you get your willpower!!!

That's an awesome strategy. Oh, how I wish our library had a better selection! But truthfully, it wouldn't matter all that much...I'd still probably be irresponsible in my book buying. Bad, bad me.

Jean, have cats, right? Never noticed how uncooperative they can be? :) Suppose I could have hauled Liz (tarantula) up for a photo, but the closest I'm getting to those cockroaches is giving them their water. Of course, if I'd have brought the mice in for the photo op, it might have enticed the cats to join us too, huh?

Double thank yous!

LOL...luckily Rich never gets on my nerves. Well, except when he brings home cockroaches as pets.

Thanks! I'm sure both good wishes will come to pass.

You really, really do! I'm sure you'll love him!

LOL...I know, ours have now taken over an entire room!

I'm going to keep that comment in mind in case I ever need blackmail material. ;)

Thank're so sweet!

Okay, now I KNOW you have cats...surely you realize how very cooperative they can be when posing for family photos! Or how cooperative they can be for anything else. ;) And as I told Jean, NO WAY am I getting out the cockroaches for any reason whatsoever! *shudder*
I can't wait to crack open Paper Towns! I'm so torn...I've got like five books I'm dying to read as soon as I finish the one I'm on now...Nation, Paper Towns, The Doll's House... I told myself I wasn't allowed to read anything else until I finished my review books, but I just don't think I can stick to that. Oh my.