Friday, February 27, 2009

Warning: Read at Your Own Risk

(Seriously, we're talking gross here.)

Hmmm...I'm not sure what this says about me...

I just took the cushions off the couch to vacuum it out, and I discovered that Max has acquired a rather disgusting new habit. Seems he's been picking his nose and then wiping his bounty between the cushions. And how did I react to this discovery? I laughed! There was a day long ago, when I probably would have cried instead. Yeah, but laughing is so much better.

And yes, I then proceeded to clean up his dirty little secret.

Oh, and we will have a private little chat when he gets home about more appropriate means of disposal.


Grad said...

Goody. I don't feel like the lone ranger. Although they are both grown up now, I used to have to clean under my boys' beds with a leaf rake! I was afraid to put my hand under the bed. True story.

Nymeth said...

lol! Definitely better to laugh :P

Scrap girl said...

I can remember finding my daughter was wiping them on her bedroom wall. She had quite a collection before I realised.

Trish said...

Oooh the parenting things I have to look forward to one day. I'm sure there are grosser things...but let's not think about it now! :)

kreed said...

Gotta love kids and their disposal techniques!

Debi said...

Oh my, why can I just picture that with perfect clarity? Boys are a wonderful, outrageous adventure, aren't they?

Certainly a lot healthier anyway. Hope that doesn't scare you off from visiting someday...I promise I cleaned the couch really well! :)

Scrap Girl,
I really wish I could give you a huge hug right now, for admitting that! It's so nice to know one's not alone, you know?

Oh yes, my dear, someday you'll see that this is really just the tip of the iceberg! :)

They are inventive, aren't they? A couple years ago, Rich had Gray out with him shopping. As they were standing in line to check out, Rich saw Gray was sticking his finger up his nose. He asked him what he was doing. Gray said, "I'm trying to put this booger back, but it won't stay up there." Yeah, I've got one classy family, huh? :)

Anonymous said...

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