Tuesday, March 03, 2009

another dose of good stuff

*It's Square Root Day! (Yeah, I've no idea why I think it's so cool, but I do. And we won't get to celebrate it again for another seven+ years, so we'd better live it up, right?)

*Hot Cinnamon Sunset tea...mmmmmmmm...

*Already having an idea of what I'm going to make for supper tonight. With big bonus points for knowing that no one will be complaining when they see what's being served. :)
Why is deciding what to cook always so much harder than the actual cooking anyway?

*Starting a new book with the boys last night that had them saying, "Just one more chapter."..."Just one more chapter."..."Just one more chapter." And the short little chapters that allowed me to oblige them numerous times.

*Silly beagle antics. And even sillier kitty cat antics.


Jean said...

Square Root Day--yes! And don't forget that Pi Day is just around the corner. Who can argue with eating pie on 3/14 at 1:59? I like your list, especially the one about reading to the boys. Short chapters are great when it comes to indulging the kids with just one more.

Anonymous said...

good stuff :)

Kailana said...

What book have you been reading with the boys?

Grad said...

Happy Square Root Day. What's for dinner?

Care said...

Ha! Square Root Day! too fun. Reminds me, however, of what I was doing 03/03/03 and that was finding out I was the only one NOT losing my job in my department. That was NOT a fun day.

Nymeth said...

I want to know what the book is too!

And if that tea is as good as the name makes it sound, then mmmmmmm indeed :P

Carl V. said...

Hmmm..I left a comment but for some reason it didn't save.

Here we go again:

Isn't it wonderful when you read a book, either aloud to others or silently to yourself, and you cannot help but hear the voices crying "just one more chapter!". It is those kinds of books that remind us of just how amazing reading can be. Books like that are a comfort in times of trouble and a joy to discover any time.

That hot cinnamon tea sounds wonderful! It snowed a ton here this past weekend and the scent of cinnamon is something that just goes with snow, in my opinion. Can you send a cup on over here?

Debi said...

Somehow I just knew you'd be celebrating Square Root Day. :)
Last year, we figured Pi Day was a good excuse to go out for pizza pie. But we didn't eat it at 1:59, because a. the boys were in school and b.) I didn't even think of it. :)

Kailana and Nymeth,
We started reading Looking for Bobowicz, which is the first Daniel Pinkwater book I've ever read. I can guarantee that we'll be following it up with The Hoboken Chicken Emergency and The Snarkout Boys and the Avocado of Death (Thanks Carl!), as the boys are really loving this one.
Oh, and Nymeth, believe it or not, the tea is even better than it sounds! And that doesn't seem possible, does it?

Bagels and fried eggs. Pretty boring, huh? But at least everyone likes it!

That really, really does not sound like a good day at all! No wonder you clearly remember the date.

Debi said...

Don't you just hate that?!!

And you know what, we actually have YOU to thank for our current "just one more chapter" book! We're finally digging into some Daniel Pinkwater! And the boys are loving it! Loving it! (Shhh...so is their mom.)

Scrap girl said...

I completely understand with the decision on what to cook. Once a week I sit there all frustrated as I try and plan a weeks menu, which will keep everyone happy. It is like a minefield!

raidergirl3 said...

I am most curious: why is is square root day?
I know about mole day and pi day, but I haven't heard about square root day, and that's the kind of day that excites me!

Chris said...

Square root day! I love it :D Hopefully we're all still blogging for 4/4/16 ;) And we will all have met each other by then!

Hot cinnamon sunset tea sounds delicious! Who makes that? It sounds like a celestial seasonings.

And now you're just teasing us with items 3 and 4...so I want to know, A) What you made for dinner and the recipe and B) What damn book you're reading! lol.

Chris said...

Doh! If I would've actually read the comments first I would've seen the answers to my questions :p I don't think I need the recipe for Fried eggs and Bagels, but a bagel sure does sound good right now! And I really need to read some Pinkwater too! Glad everyone's enjoying it!

Trish said...

square root day, huh? Didn't know such a day existed, but I wish I had known about it!

What are you reading that you couldn't stop?? I haven't had a book like that in a long time! I need a big reading boost (like I said earlier...I've got book envy).