Sunday, March 22, 2009

spring things

You Are Chirping Birds

You are a very caring person. You especially feel for innocent beings, like animals and children.

You are keyed in to the world and very peaceful. You believe that everyone is connected.

You remain focused and in the moment. You are not easily distracted.

You have a good memory, especially for things that you hear. You listen carefully.

I'd like to say this was me, but well, I'm afraid I'm pretty distract-able!


Our first spring flowers! Hello pretty crocus. Just a few more weeks and we'll have daffodils, too. :)


Spring Reading Thing! Yes, I know that last thing I need is another challenge. But Katrina always makes the happiest buttons! Besides, the Spring Reading Thing was the very first reading challenge I ever joined and thus holds a special place in my heart. :)


Nymeth said...

Chirping Birds here too!

Spring Reading Thing does have the loveliest buttons :)

Trish said...

I'm blooming flowers. :) So glad spring is finally here and your crocus is lovely. We don't have any flowers in our yard yet except dandelions. Ha! Have a great Sunday.

Kailana said...

Happy spring, Debi! If the weather is correct we are going to have snow tomorrow, though, so I guess we have to wait a bit longer for the nice weather... They might be wrong, though!

Chris said...

You are Chirping Birds Debi! LIke them, you make me smile :) And those flowers are beautiful! We have flowers blooming all over the place over here too...I love this time of year.

Literary Feline said...

Happy Spring! It went from being warm and sunny out to being overcast as soon as spring arrived. It looks like the sun is coming out again.

I love these little quizzes. They don't mean much, but they are fun. :-)

My results from the quiz:
You are Blooming Flowers:
You are an optimistic person by nature. In even the darkest times, you are hopeful about the future.
You feel truly blessed in life and can sometimes be overwhelmed with emotions.

You have an artist's eye. You are always looking for beauty in the mundane.
You have a good sense of aesthetics, especially when it comes to shapes and color.

Good luck with the Spring Thing Challenge!

Stephanie said...

I seem to be the odd person out...I'm Baseball Games!!

"You like old fashioned things. You're one of those people who values tradition.
You enjoy a slow pace of life. You believe that life is all about enjoying every moment.

You love the changing of the seasons, and you look forward to what each season brings.
You are smart and a bit obsessive. You become very immersed in your interests."

Although the old-fashioned thing is kind of way off (as is the slow-pace thing!)...the rest is spot on!!

And I had to laugh. Seriously, only you (and me) would join a challenge because of the pretty button!!