Sunday, March 01, 2009

Sunday Salon...round 4

Honestly, I have no idea why I'm even posting today. I had a lousy, no make that LOUSY week of reading last week. If it hadn't been for my "vacation," I wouldn't have had much of anything to report in my monthly wrap-up yesterday. Even so, it wasn't exactly a spectacular month. And it was definitely an odd month of reading for me. I didn't notice until I'd published it that the only fiction books I'd read all month were graphic novels. It's not that I'm saying there's anything wrong with that, but it definitely isn't my norm. Nor is it my norm for the non-fiction to outnumber the fiction.

I feel a little let-down that Carl's Sci-Fi Experience is already over. I didn't get a single book read for it. :( I did read a pile of awesome sci-fi shorts though, and am very happy about that. And I am halfway through The Stainless Steel Rat's Revenge. I've decided that I should read a Stainless Steel Rat book each year for the Sci-Fi just seems fitting, doesn't it? And they really are just plain fun.

The 1% Well-Read Challenge ended yesterday as well. And yes, I totally blew that one (only read 2/10 books). I know you're not surprised. Nor was I. But yes, I am a glutton for punishment. Yes, (another) 1% Well-Read Challenge begins today.

As for the coming week, at the rate I'm going I'll be happy to finish up the Stainless Steel Rat book and House of Stone (which I didn't have a chance to read a single page in last week). Just seems like there's so much else going on...


Amy said...

I got 0/10 books read for the first 1% Well Read Challenge, so give yourself a pat on the back! :)

Scrap girl said...

Two books is good. Don't beat yourself up over it. Reading takes time and sometimes we just don't have it!

Jean said...

You're far too hard on yourself, Cuz. Think of all the other things you have to do. You homeschool Annie, and the boys are young and rambunctious enough that they don't exactly come home from school and take care of themselves now, do they? I'm sure your house is cleaner than mine; I mean, I can't recall the last time I looked into the couch cushions. Checking in on you and all your book blogger friends (hi, guys!) sometimes makes me feel so unworthy, but then I remind myself of the (too) many other things I choose to do rather than read. You do all right in the reading department considering all your other responsibilities!

Kailana said...

Well, the good thing about the completion of the Sci-Fi Experience is that it means that the Once Upon a Time challenge will be starting up soon! I love that challenge... :) I hope you find some chances to read this week!

Nymeth said...

What Kailana said!

Also, you're much too hard on yourself, my friend. I LOVE your list of possibilities for the second 1% Well-Read Challenge, btw.

Staci said...

good luck on finishing the two that you listed!! Sometimes life is just all over the place and doesn't go as you planned!

raidergirl3 said...

sigh, I didn't finish the 1% either, and I also signed up for the next one again.
But we get to make nice shiny lists:)

Chris said...

I think the first 4 Stainless Steel Rat Books were the best! I really couldn't get into the last one I read...The Stainless Steel Rat Wants You. But it's a great plan to read one a year! Aren't they fun? And you had a fantastic reading month last month! Don't be hard on yourself!

Eva said...

You're so mean to yourself-I bet you wouldn't say anything like that to any of your friends! When I was in college, I started a new policy where I wouldn't say anything about myself that I wouldn't say about a friend, and I think it does wonders. :p

I was very impressed with your monthly summary, and not only do you do everything everyone else has pointed out, you also blog and visit around the blogosphere regularly. You're awesome, whether you choose to acknowledge that or not! ;)

Debi said...

Thank's so nice to not feel so alone!

Scrap Girl,
You're right, and the two I did read for the challenge were great, and if not for signing up for the challenge I may never have read them.

You're too nice to me, you know that? And don't think I don't know rates higher on the productiveness scale between the two of us! But then, life's not a competition, is it? Thank you!

Oh, I know! And I am soooo eager to start putting together my list for that one!

Thank're too nice to me, you know? I do like that list I've got for it. I would so love to actually read every one on it, but of course, that won't happen. But hey, maybe over the course of my lifetime, right?

How true! And sometimes it's actually more fun when things don't go as planned!

"But we get to make nice shiny lists"...YAY! Because that really is half the fun, isn't it?

I didn't realize you'd read so many of them! Sounds like I'm good for the next couple years anyway, huh?

Do you know that you are just as sweet as can be?!! You know what? I love your advice! And I'm going to make a concerted effort to follow it...thank you!

Grad said...

I've had a poor reading week myself. Hope things will improve.

Carl V. said...

I feel like I've let myself down a bit as I was so distracted during the last part of the Sci Fi Experience. I am actually extending it a bit, since we aren't quite ready for Once Upon a Time III. It is coming soon though!