Thursday, April 30, 2009

as National Poetry Month winds down...

I'm bit disappointed with myself for not spending more time exploring the worlds of poetry this month. But today I was treated to quite the wonderful poetry experience. A poetry reading. Seventeen wonderful poets shared both examples of their own poetry and favorites of theirs by other poets.

My invitation was delivered a couple weeks ago, and I've been impatiently waiting for today to arrive ever since. Walking into what had been a typical third-grade classroom before today was quite a treat. It had been transformed into a lovely poetry coffeehouse. Yes, complete with a stage for the poets, with tables graced with tablecloths and vases of fresh flowers, with a coffee/hot chocolate/juice bar, and donut/bagel/muffin bar. They worked so hard to make this a fun experience for everyone! And these seventeen, they rocked!

Including this incredibly cute fellow here (said with all the impartiality that a mommy can muster). This kind of thing is so far out of his comfort zone, but he pulled through. The photo came at a price, however. I knew Gray was nervous enough about the whole thing, and he hates having his picture taken as it is, so I really didn't want to push things. I'd asked him if I could bring the camera to take pictures and wasn't the least bit surprised when he said "no". But I brought it with me in case he changed his mind. He knew I wouldn't break my promise not to take any pictures of him unless he he made the most of it. Yep, the little rascal ended up with an IOU for a trip to Pizza Hut, and I ended up with this photo. That's okay...don't tell him, but I think I got the better end of that deal. Unfortunately, he won't allow me to share the poem he wrote for the occasion.


Okay, and since this is sort of poetry related I'm going to share this here, too...

So, you all know that sweet, generous, creative guy
, right? Well, in yet another unbelievably awesome gesture to Miss Annie, he sent her a special birthday package. I'll let her share with you the other goodies, but I just had to show you all this. Carl not only bought her this beautiful journal (oops, should have taken a picture of the cover, too, because it truly is lovely), but he made it just over-the-top incredibly special by printing up one of Annie's own poems that she posted on her blog and personalized the inside cover of the journal with it. Is that not just the coolest idea ever?!! Carl, I honestly can't begin to tell you how much she loves it!!!!


And thus ends a sort-of-poetry-post for National Poetry Month.


Chris said...

Oh man, you're overflowing me with happy things today Debi :) Congrats to Gray for getting up there and reading his poem! I'd love to hear it should tell him you'll get him a puppy or something if he'll post it :p What a great little activity!!

And I have to say that Carl just rocks! That is such an incredible gift for Annie!! And she looks absolutely beautiful in that picture!

Carl V. said...

"you all know that sweet, generous, creative guy Carl, right?"

No, but I do know that rat-bastard guy with the same name! ;)

I'm so glad Annie liked her gifts. That poem is just too cool. I actually plan on asking her at some point if I can incorporate it into some challenge or something somehow. It is just too wonderful.

Jean said...

Would Gray consider putting his poem up on his blog?

Nymeth said... did get the better end of the deal! I just love that picture of Gray.

Miss Annie looks so happy...and with good reason :D

kreed said...

Love the layouts...I did have to crack up since the S in scrapbook got left on the row above and it says "crapbook layouts" - you may wan tot fix that since you definitely don't create crapbooks!

Glad you got some good Proud Mommy moments for Poetry month - you have some wonderful and talented kids!

I am also glad to know the evolution crazies don't only live in Kansas although I am sorry Rich has to deal with it, too!

valentina said...

What a wonderful gift! Carl is so thoughtful!
and your son looks incredibly cute up there, I'm sure you'll both enjoy the trip to pizza hut!:D

Melody said...

What a lovely gift, Debi! I can imagine how thrilled Annie must be! :)

BTW, I've passed you an award! ;)

Molly said...

I just found your amazing blog via Nymeth's Sunday Salon post today.

As I was reading through your posts I found this one and I had to thank you for sharing this terrific idea. I am teacher and I have wanted to do something special with the poetry unit for quite some time. I LOVE this idea of having a poetry coffeehouse! My creative wheels are churning with ideas to make this a reality next year.

Thanks again - and I now look forward to following your blog on a regular basis!