Saturday, April 18, 2009

read-a-thon update 2

Since last post:

On the clock:

--Reading: 0 minutes

--On computer (blogging, commenting/cheering, mini-challenges): 120 minutes

--Other (pet care, cooking, etc.): 0 minutes

Between the covers:

--Number of pages: 0 pages

--What I read:

Down the hatch:


--Drink: half a mug of coffee


On the clock:

--Reading: 60 minutes

--On computer (blogging, commenting/cheering, mini-challenges): 152 minutes

--Other (pet care, cooking, etc.): 10 minutes

Between the covers:

--Number of pages: 73 pages

--What I've read: working on The Castle Corona by Sharon Creech

Down the hatch:

--Food: big bowl of fruit salad, slice of raspberry kuchen

--Drink: big mug of coffee

Miscellaneous comments:
*Okay, so I'm not getting much read. That's okay. Maybe I was meant to be more of a cheerleader this time...and that's not a bad thing at all.
*Bart's mini-challenge was soooooo much fun! I didn't do all that well, but who cares. Can't wait to see what all those covers are!


Trish said...

I sucked at Bart's minichallenge, but it was fun to look at the pictures. Don't stress about the reading--just have fun. Plus, you are the best cheerleader. :)

Nymeth said...

Cheerleading is definitely a lot of fun too. Do what feels right, Debi!

Eva said...

I start laughing uncontrollably when I saw minutes reading vs. minutes blogging!!! I've had to use a timer to make myself get off the laptop and go read more. :) But I'm loving being a cheerleader, so I totally understand how you're getting sucked in! Keep it up-you're the best!

alisonwonderland said...

i'm not getting a lot of reading done either - but i think i'm going to settle down to it ... :)

Chris said...

I'm with eva :p I started laughing too! But that's fantastic Debi that you're cheering and blogging...I've been doing my own fair share of blog hopping. I LOVED Bart's challenge, though I don't think I did too great either :/

Anonymous said...

I am seconding Nymeth's comment to do what feels right! If that's cheerleading then that's cheerleading. (And anything you get read in between is a bonus, surely.)