Thursday, July 02, 2009

challenge update

This won't be pretty. I will inevitably shake my head and think, "Why can't you stop yourself from signing up for these things?!!" But it is a good way to avoid all the things I should be doing right now, like packing, and making massive amounts of muffins, and cutting up 30 pounds of fruit, and...we leave for my family reunion tomorrow morning.

Four challenges ended during the last quarter: I thoroughly bombed Exploration: Reading Latin America, I didn't finish either Book Awards 2 or Spring Reading Thing '09 but did far better on both than I did last year, and I did actually successfully complete Once Upon a Time III.

And still on tap, we have...

Ending September 9th:
999 Challenge 23/81
Countdown Challenge 33/45

Ending September 30th:
Non-Fiction Five 2/5 (I've actually read more non-fiction than that since this challenge started in May, but I decided not to count YA non-fiction)

Ending October 9th:
End of the World 2/4

Ending October 31st:
Classics '09 1/5

Ending December 3rd:
42 Challenge 18/42

Ending December 31st:
9 for '09 Challenge 0/9
Suspense and Thriller Challenge 2/12
Dewey's Books 6/5
Manga Challenge 3/6
Graphic Novels Challenge 18/12
Herding Cats II 0/5
Read Your Own Books Challenge 16/29
Elizabeth Scott Mini-Challenge 0/2
What's in a Name 2 4/6
Support Your Local Library 12/12
Science Challenge 1/3
Essay Challenge 4/30 or 45/30 (depending on how I list them)
World Citizen Challenge 3/7
World War II Challenge 1/5
Dewey Decimal Challenge 6/10
Dream King Challenge 1/7
Young Readers Challenge 10/12
21 Cultures Challenge 8/21
Young Adult Challenge 6/12
Colorful Reading Challenge 0/9
The Challenge That Dare Not Speak Its Name/GLBT Challenge 0/6 (but it just started yesterday)

Ending March 31st (2010):
(Another) 1% Well-Read 2/13
Arthurian Challenge 0/2

No deadline:
100 Shots of Shorts 30/100
Lambda Reading Challenge 0/5
The Printz Project 2/50

Yeah, I've got a lot of reading to do. But hey, it could be worse...


DesLily said...

good lord! like you don't have enough to do?? lol

Amanda said...

Wow, and I thought *I* was crazy when it came to challenges. Good luck, Debi!

And remember, if all else fails, you can go back and count those YA nonfiction titles towards the nonfiction 5, right? ;)

Taschima Cullen said...

WOW My eyes literally almost went out of my socket when I saw this list. ITS GIGANTIC!

Good luck with ALL of them ^^

Taschima Cullen
Admin of BloodyBookaholics

Nymeth said...

I feel that I have to bring up the whole no challenge police thing, Debi :P

Have a safe trip tomorrow, Debi, and a wonderful weekend!

Jean said...

There's no way I'm gonna finish the 42 Challenge, but if I ever write up my last review I'll be done with What's in a Name 2. I've learned my limit, and it's 1. Have fun reuning!

Scrap girl said...

Well the Orange July challenge has quietly come in and will quietly go out with me hardly even picking up an Orange book. So I am pooped before I start! May have to consider Nymeth's no challenge policy next year.

Staci said...

That is one heck of a long list of challenges!!! Good Luck! :)

Amanda said...

Debi, you've won an award on my blog, here. Scroll to the bottom. Sorry, I didn't want to make a whole new post just for the award. :)

Trish said...

Debi--I just finished drafting my mid-year review for Sunday's post and my challenge numbers are HORRIBLE! And I joined 3 new ones and will join the Japanese Lit Challenge when it comes out. Who cares, right??? :D

We're obviously still having fun, and that's what matters!

Nymeth said...

Scrap Girl, I meant no challenge police as in, no one will come after us and arrest us, or make us pay a fine for each challenge we don't complete :P I'm quite an addict myself, so a no challenge policy would not work for me :P

Carl V. said...

I'm excited that you finished the Once Upon a Time Challenge. One of the challenges I am looking most forward to is Bellezza's upcoming Japanese Literature Challenge 3!

Dawn said...

I always say are an amazing reader. I started a book a week or so ago and am only half through it. I'd like to finish this weekend!

BTW, the frame on our wedding picture slides so it can either say "for better" or "for worse" LOL!

take care,

dolcebellezza said...

I didn't finish the Book Awards 2Challenge, either, which really frustrates me because I love books which have won prizes. I think the secret to success, for me, might lie in signing up for only one or two challenges. I wish you luck with your list; you seem to be doing well!

kreed said...

Goodness...crazy challenge woman! But you are right that there are worse things than having a lot of books to read! Hope you had safe travels today and thoroughly enjoy the reunion!