Thursday, September 24, 2009

always my baby

came as a total surprise

popped into this world too early

stole hearts from day one

will likely break some in the future

spitfire of epic proportions

 with a mind of his own

obstinate times ten

well, more like times twenty

cat lovin'-est boy around

comic relief


marvel with his hands

in possession of a very short fuse

lovable times a bazillion


always my baby


Eva said...

Aww! Happy birthday!

Nymeth said... seriously feels like it was yesterday that he turned six!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAX!!! :D

Vivienne said...

Happy birthday to your gorgeous son. Oh my, he really is going to break hearts.

Amanda said...

I didn't know how old your other kids were. Ambrose turned 7 two months ago nearly to the day (25th). :D Happy birthday to your little one!

Jean said...

Happy Birthday, Max! I can't wait to hear how you spent your special day. And that's an entirely too-cute picture of you.

DesLily said...

what a fabulous photo!

Happy Birthday Max!

Rich said...

You made me cry! What a cool poem about a very cool kid.

Melody said...

I LOVE your poem, Debi!

Happy Birthday, Max!! :)

Kailana said...

Hope he has a great birthday! Great picture and poem!

kreed said...

Happy (late) birthday, Max! There is a present in the mail!

kreed said...

BTW, great poem! And it is pretty cool that you made your husband cry! ;)

libritouches said...

Happy belated birthday, Max! I hope you've (all of you) had a terrific day!

Staci said...

He is a doll and I loved how you described him!

Happy Birthday !!

Hazra said...

Happy Birthday to your son! And I love the poem.

Trish said...

Happy birthday Max! Isn't that such a sweet face. Seems like 7-9 is the time when they start growing up so fast!

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