Sunday, July 26, 2009

I did warn you

Yep. Details from our bathroom. In photo form.

Sorry...I just can't help but be excited that I actually finished one of my big summer goals. The redoing of our bathroom. To say it needed done is an understatement. It's really needed done since we moved in, to be perfectly honest. We're talking peeling paint and whatnot. And while I wish we could have afforded to just have it gutted and professionally remodeled, that would have been overkill. Yes, our molded tub/shower is ugly, but there's nothing actually wrong with having it replaced would just be consumerism at its worst. Something we're making a real effort to avoid these days.

Anyway, we ended up with a bit of a theme in there. A kitchen theme. Sounds kinda gross, I suppose. But see, it came about because I was trying to come up with a creative solution to an eyesore. The cover of the ceiling fan vent was ugly, yellowed, and cracked. And it didn't hang quite right either. Yes, we could have epoxied it up there, I suppose. But in this instance, we felt justified in just getting rid of it. But we didn't want to replace it with another ugly piece of plastic. After wracking my brains for a bit, I came up with the idea of using a idea my darling husband wholeheartedly supported. But we couldn't find one big enough. Not to be deterred, we scoured the kitchen store until we spotted a pizza pan!

Seriously, I wish this photo did it justice, because in person, I swear it looks really cool! (Yeah, or that may just be us. ;) )

And the pizza pan just set the tone. I added a hook to hold a hand towel made from an old serving spoon. Made a tieback for the shower curtain from cookie cutters.

An old creamer for cotton swabs and an old serving bowl for cotton balls. (And a silly bug toy, just because it's cute.)

And my very favorite thing of all. New artwork! Going with that kitchen theme...I gave each of the kiddos a canvas and set them to having fun printing with all the cool kitchen utensils they could find in the kitchen drawers. Again, the photo kinda sucks, as I just couldn't get good lighting, but honestly they look fabulous hanging in there!

Okay, I apologize for subjecting you to this. But now that I've finished this major project, maybe I'll find time to actually finish a book one of these days. ;) One can hope, anyways.


Amanda said...

That's really, really cool! Back when we lived in Wisconsin, we did a lot of redecorating, redesigning, and rebuilding, so I just love this stuff. The kitchen thing is just brilliant! Thanks for sharing.

Trish @ Love, Laughter, Insanity said...

I LOVE it Debi!! I wish I could have a shot of the whole bathroom to see how everything looks as a whole, but I just love love love it. And those paintings! And of course the yellow. In our last house I had most of our walls painted some shade of yellow and I absolutely loved it. Since we've been in a rental for the past two years, I've had to endure hospital white. Yuck.

So, hows about a few shots of that lovely library of yours?

Jean said...

Way too cool, Debi. Thinking about it, I bet one of those double-sided sponge things might work for exfoliation. Maybe you should put one in there just for laughs. Congratulations on knocking a big thing off a list! I hope you're reading today as a reward.

Ana S. said...

I don't think using a kitchen theme for the bathroom is gross at all! But hey, I've been told I'm weird before :P

It looks great, and most of all I love how you told the kiddos to go nuts with kitchen utensils and a canvas. So creative :D

Debi said...

Thanks! I do enjoy doing decorating stuff, too. Well, not painting. I really hate painting. Walls, that is.

Thank you! I tried to get a picture of the whole bathroom, but the darn room is so small (or in realtor terms "cozy"), I just couldn't quite manage a decent shot.

You absolutely kill me! It might actually be useful though. ;)

Yeah, it guess it would probably be considered much more gross to have a bathroom theme in one's kitchen, huh?
You know, I was bummed that I hadn't bought myself a canvas, too...they were having so much fun!

Staci said...

I like how you made this a personal space! Very clever to use the pizza pan and I love the creamer/bowl. The best part is the art work!!!

Ali said...

It looks awesome! Nice work, all of you.

Anonymous said...

Very nice! Love the pictures and the pizza pan for the fan cover.

Melody said...

Very cool, Debi! I love the stuff you put, and the paintings look awesome!!!

Thanks so much for sharing with us! :)

Kim L said...

You know, I would have never thought of a kitchen theme for the bathroom, but from the pics I can tell it looks awesome! Those paintings are so cute, and I bet people are going to wonder what gallery you got them from :-)

Kristie said...

I absolutely love your bathroom! The kitchen theme is adorable. Now I am thinking of stealing your idea, especially with the cookie cutter tie backs for the shower curtain. Thanks for all of the pictures!

chrisa511 said...

Oh wow! It looks so good Debi :D I swear, you're so creative!! I absolutely love the pizza pan idea and those canvases are really great that the kids did! I want to do one now too :p

serendipity_viv said...

What a fabulous idea. Very ingenious. I think all the bits look terrific, love the artwork the kids made. I would like to see a picture of it altogether now, so I can be generally nosy!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Don't apologise! That looks pretty darned cool from where I'm standing! It's such a novel and creative solution too!

I add my voice to the choir of people saying they don't think it's gross at all, but you probably guessed as much. I think it's absolutely fabulous!

Carl V. Anderson said...

No need to apologize, that is really fun and I'm so glad you showed the pictures. Thanks!

I think the pizza pan looks cool and I have no doubt it does look even cooler in person. I'll be by to see it in a few minutes. ;)

Sandra said...

Love your bathroom ideas, they work for me. And we really do want a photo or two of the whole room-please.

gail@more than a song said...

So cute! That pizza pan is genius and love the artwork.

I'm so behind on blog reading and haven't gotten around to blogging again. Looks like you're on a trip right now, hope it's fun!

Anonymous said...

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