Wednesday, July 08, 2009

today I am...

...wondering if it defeats the purpose of participating in Wordless Wednesday to make this post.

...thankful for all my wonderful blogging friends that so graciously shared their thoughts and experiences about the process of writing "reviews."

...relieved that the kids' trip to the dentist this morning went smoothly and held no horrible surprises.

...determined to set aside at least two solid hours for "fun" reading.

...thrilled that the boys are so excited about starting karate tonight.

...hoping to finally come up with the rest of my goals for my 50x50 list.

...behind on my blog reading. Again.

...debating whether I should do a load of laundry when the sky is looking so iffy.

...practicing my procrastination skills.

...loving this wonderful, if less than exciting, life of mine.


Drahdrah said...

Great post.. and cute pic for WW too (that's what brought me here) !

chrisa511 said...

I'm loving this post Debi :) I always love it when you do posts like these. Glad to hear that things are looking good today!

serendipity_viv said...

There was me thinking I was the only one who actually practised her procrastination skills. Talk about steal my thunder! LOL - in the words of the famous recently deceased Michael Jackson - you are not alone!

Jean said...

Max and Gray are starting karate? Very cool! Tell my favorite cousins-in-law once removed that I'm testing for my yellow belt in karate on Friday night. I can't wait to hear how they like it.

Ana S. said...

You know what? Excitement is overrated anyway ;)

Shanra said...

You forgot "... wonderful", love. ^-~

This is such a lovely post! And what did the boys think of their first karate lesson? I'm curious!

kreed said...

Glad the dentist went well...that can be an adventure.

Love the picture of your handsome pup! Did he have a hot date?

And I think family is designed to make you a little crazy...if that is not normal I know a lot of not normal people with not normal families! Glad you had fun at the reunion.