Tuesday, March 07, 2006

just a fun little something-or-other

Got this from Marianne's blog (mariannesstuff.blogspot.com). Looked like fun, so I thought I'd try it myself. Any further takers, let me know...I'd love to read yours, too.

1. I almost peed myself when _______________________.
*We were stuck in a horrendous traffic jam in the Lehigh Tunnel. (oops, really did pee myself then)
During each pregnancy, when I was puking my guts out with hyperemesis. (oops, really did pee myself then)
In first grade, I was too afraid to ask to use the bathroom. (oops, really did pee myself then)
Gee, I guess there's no almost about it for me!

2. Country music = _______________________________.
*a point of compromise for my parents...Dad likes it, Mom doesn't--they work it out

3. The smell of leather reminds me of ________________________.
*absolutely nothing

4. When I was little, my mom told me __________________________.
*not to sit on the arms of the furniture

5. The last time I screamed was because ________________________.
*a baby was making it's way out of my nether-regions

6. The one person I aspire to be most like is ______________________.
*me (sometimes that's hard enough, why try to be someone else?!!)

7. I __________________________ every day.
*wish I'd had a decent night's sleep

8. I scrapbook because _______________________.
*well, DUH!--because it's so much fun! (that it actually results in something worthwhile is an added bonus)

9. People drive me crazy when they ____________________________.
*think that someone else is any less important than they themselves are

10. A special gift I remember receiving, that meant the world to me, was __________________________.
*the Christmas card my 5-year-old made us this past year (he was soooo excited to give it to me--it made it priceless!)

Thanks Marianne! That was fun!

Quote of the day:
"Celebrate endless possibilities." --unknown

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me said...

LOL! Great list, girl! I love #5. Glad you had fun. :)