Thursday, March 09, 2006

off track

Just totally goofed up today. Can't seem to get back on course. I'm guessing it's because I didn't get my 30-60 minutes of peace and quiet this morning. I am among the seriously sleep deprived, yet I find it essential to get up earlier than the rest of the clan just to ready my head for the day. I just love that all-to-myself quiet time! It's not that I actually accomplish anything during that time...but it somehow gets my mind and body ready to tackle the day. But this morning the boys had other ideas. They got up an hour and 15 minutes earlier than usual. And they woke up full of piss and vinegar, to boot! Looking at it logically, it would seem that I should have been able to get everyone and everything ready ahead of time. But it just didn't work that way. Things have not been going smoothly at all. Oh, I got the big kids off to school on time. No major disasters have occurred. But everything simply seems out of whack. I guess I'm just out of whack. Maybe, I should just blow off the unessentials for today (don't think the boys will give a you-know-what if I don't get their room dusted today anyway). Maybe, I'll just head downstairs with the Maxidoodle and play and create for the rest of the morning.

Oh, but speaking of creating...any Project Runway fans out there? What was your take on the finale? Did they pick the right winner? I was just so far off the mark. Before I saw their final collections, I figured Santino would win it. Not that I wanted him to win. I really wanted Daniel to win. But his final collection was somewhat of a disappointment. I always liked Chloe, too. Was happy for her, and thought she really did deserve to win based on their final collections. (Except for that first dress of hers...ugh!!!).'s all so subjective...probably noone has the same opinion. But isn't that the joy of art?

I can't believe I just spent all that time writing about a reality TV show. I'm one of the three people in the country who hates reality TV! Or so I've always thought. Project Runway is the first one that's got the better of me.


me said...

Eh, try again tomorrow. I like the idea of blowing off the unessentials - they'll still be there - you deserve a break today.

lol, I thought I hated reality TV too, but got hooked on Survivor a couple, three seasons ago. Ah, well, just enjoy it.

marcilambert said...

hi debi. found you from a post on my blog. thanks for your lovely comments. just wanted to say that my day is always off track if i don't get up first. and i want about a half hour to myself or i'm so pissy. and you deserve some sort of medal for going 5 years with no sleep. seriously!