Wednesday, March 15, 2006

just had to do it

Couldn't stop myself any longer. This not using my right hand thing is simply for the birds (well, maybe not the birds, since they don't actually have hands). Anyway, was running a load of laundry to the basement (and yes, going through the whole "cold cookie" routine with Max), when my scrap space started calling to me... "Debi. Hey you! Get your lazy butt in here. Where the heck have you been? Think you can just ignore me like this and get away with it?"
Well, I don't mind saying that I was a bit unnerved. Figured I'd better get in there and scrap just a little bit. So I put together this layout that I'd started before the whole ridiculous tendon debacle occurred.


Colleen said...

i love how you used the primas! this is great!!

Dawn said...

My scraproom is screaming at me too, but I just put cotton in my ears LOL! Your layout is very nice :) I haven't scrapped for myself in so long I'm afraid I might forget how!

take care,

me said...

Very nice LO - I like the flowers too.

*sigh* - my scrapping supplies are collecting dust!