Tuesday, March 14, 2006

the lure of the "cold cookie"

Oh, my little monkey Maxidoodle. Being only three, he's still home with me all day. And though we spend a lot of time playing, he can be quite self-amusing for periods of time, too. One time he absolutely will not leave my side, however, is when I need to go to the basement for something. It matters not who else is here at home, it matters not what he is up to at the moment, it matters not the reason I am heading to the basement. Now, it's tempting to think that he simply can't bear to have me so far away from him. But I know better...
It's the lure of the "cold cookie". See, I have this tendency to bake waaaaay too many cookies and treats at Christmastime each year. As a result, months later, we still have cookies in the freezer in the basement. Max calls these "cold cookies". And each and every time we head to the basement for something he performs his little act. For the first 30-60 seconds that we're down there he just goes about his business...then he pauses and tilts his head to the side a bit...then he says, "Hmmm, Mom, can I have a cold cookie?". I'm pretty sure he believes he has me fooled, that I don't know that was his plan all along. I won't ruin his illusions yet. And yes, he usually gets what he came for.

Quote of the day:
"We find a delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body." --Ralph Waldo Emerson


Dawn said...

Those are the kind of stories that make you smile! I am enjoying your blog. You write like a very honest mommy :) I hope he got his cold cookie!

take care,

Rich said...

Try baking less at Christmas time, then you won't have all your freezer space filled up with cookies...

I like offering unsolicited advice...runs in my family.

But, those cookies are good, and I must confess that last week while I was in the basement...your basement...I ate a few of Maxie's cold cookies. Now I feel a bit guilty because I know how much he loves them. So, on second thought, keep baking, baby...keep baking. See you in the living room in 12 seconds. Your admiring man-friend.