Tuesday, March 14, 2006

my brain has turned to mush

I had planned to post my 10 on Tuesday list this afternoon. Had also planned on trying out this new yummy-sounding recipe for Cheesy Broccoli Rigatoni that I'd torn out of a magazine. And I had also planned on trying to get my 101 list up to at least 75.
However, I just spent the last 3.5 hours doing our tax returns. I've never put them off this long before. Anyway, I am no longer functioning at top level. Heck, I'm barely functioning period. I wonder if other state tax return forms are as convoluted as New York's. (Prior to moving here, we lived in TN for 11 years, where there was no state income tax!) I honestly cannot figure out what on Earth they're thinking, but this year they have made a new form which you must fill out and attach. On this form you must fill out ALL the information from your W-2s. Yes, every single box from the W-2. INSTEAD of just sending them the damn W-2 itself!!! Does this make any sense at all?!! The good, extremely good, news is that we will eventually be getting refunds...WOO HOO!!!
Maybe, I'll get to the 10 on Tuesday list later. But I'm afraid my poor family's going to be eating frozen pizza tonight. I'm guessing they'll survive.

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