Wednesday, April 19, 2006

another trip to the dentist

Today was the day of reckoning for Rich, Annie, and I. And I'm thankful to say that we all fared much better than poor little Gray. Clean bills of health for us. And I think I forgot to mention that Max had his very first check-up yesterday. Was so proud of the little guy...he was very brave and very well-behaved! I had been quite worried about it. After all, he has a major meltdown just getting weighed at the doctor's office!
I was happy that they gave Annie a "talking to" about how poorly she brushes her teeth! Though she's had no cavities or anything to date, they could tell she doesn't do a great job with her brushing. I can't count how many times Rich and I have talked to her about it. We'll catch her standing there lost in la-la land with her toothbrush just hanging out of her mouth. Drives us crazy! But of course, we're just parents and we don't know anything. I'm guessing that the dentist is probably up there with teachers and grandparents know, all-knowing and wise. So maybe now she'll finally give her toothbrush a workout.

Quote of the day:
"In the end, it's not what you do for your children but what you've taught them to do for them to do for themselves." --Ann Landers


Dawn said...

I'm all knowing and wise on two counts, a grandma and a made my night!

Oh I know what you mean about the cleaning. Timmy's had no cavities etc, but I've begun threatening brushing his teeth for him because he does an awful job!

I'm glad today's appointments had a better outcome than yesterday!!

take care,

debi said...

That's right, Dawn! Of course, if Timmy is anything like Annie, being his parent negates all that wisdom you might have in the eyes of others. LOL