Friday, April 21, 2006


Found this at Marianne's, who found it at Dawn's.

5 things:

in my fridge

1. lots of skim milk
2. cheese sticks and juice boxes
3. 5 water bottles
4. jalapeno slices and salsa
5. baby carrots, strawberries, and cherry tomatoes

in my closet

1. 2 file folders totes holding the elder two kids current school work
2. a small box of kids' computer games
3. many, many more clothes belonging to my husband than belonging to me
4. 3 photo boxes full of negatives
5. this horribly hideous "disco" dress that I can't seem to throw out for some unknown reason

in my purse

1. diapers and wipes
2. a half-eaten clove candy stick
3. the kids' immunization records
4. a ducky coin purse (with no coins)
5. sales flyers for Michaels and JoAnns (both out-of-date)

in my car

1. candy wrappers (my kids are slobs!)
2. my daughter's bike and bike helmut
3. a pile of CDs
4. a book about insects
5. an ice scraper

on my TiVo

1.I'm embarrassed to say, I don't really even understand what TiVo is

I tag:

1. anyone who feels like playing along

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Dawn said...

I'm going to have to try this...tomorrow. :) It's fun reading what everyone else has :)

take care,