Friday, April 28, 2006

Fun Fact Friday

Found this at 2peas.
Here's a random challenge for you. From burberrygirl.

Fun Fact Friday

List some fun facts of yourself. Maybe something weird, something people won't think of you, something that your online friends don't know, etc.

Hmmm...let's see...

1. I can stick my whole fist in my mouth. (Something I'm sure noone wanted to know!)
2. Pregnancy and I are a bad mix. (Though the results are worth it!)
3. I'm afraid of pressure cookers.
4. As a kid, I broke my foot playing TV tag.
5. I always wished I could have been a backup singer in a Motown band. (Too bad I can't sing!)

O.K.-that's surely enough info to let everyone know what a true dork I am.


Missy said...

These are super fun facts!!! I'm terrified of pressure cookers as well!!

Dawn said...

Debi that was fun to read. The fist one is my favorite LOL!!!

take care,