Thursday, April 27, 2006

pass the earplugs, please!

O.K., I'm supposed to be on my way to the basement to get the current load of laundry right now. But I decided that I first must record this (it may become a scrapbook page someday).

In the last 5 minutes, this is what my boys have had to say to me...
1. Max: "Mom, Gray's taking my papers."
2. Gray: "Mom, Max called me Stupid."
3. Gray: "Mom, Max called me nothing."
4. Max: "Mom, Gray won't let me use the scissors."
5. Gray: "Mom, Max didn't put the cap back on his marker."
6. Gray: "Mom, Max is too close to me."
7. Gray: "Mom, Max is being mean to me."
8. Max: "Mom, Gray's on top of me."

Hard to believe they're also the best of friends, isn't it?


Dawn said...

That reminds me of that commercial on TV where the brother and sister on the beach and the girl says, "he's touching me", and he gets close enough to annoy without actually touching her, saying "no I didn't!".

You've got to love those kinds of conversations!

take care,

~**Dawn**~ said...

i suddenly understand why my grandmother used to toss my brother & i outside and lock the door behind us lol...

you know, back in the days when you could do this & not have to worry about someone stealing us or calling DCF on her. ;-)