Tuesday, April 04, 2006

my nemesis...

I've mentioned it before. I LOATHE DUSTING!!!
We have dust bunnies in this home that rival in size your average bunny of the cottontail variety. They've been known to send a lazy, unsuspecting feline flying across the room when they come wandering out from beneath our bed unexpectedly.
And now you're thinking, "what a slovenly pig she is!" But this isn't true, I assure you. No, I do not keep my home in the pristine state I aspired to before the arrival of child #2. And things have assuredly slipped even further since the arrival of child #3. But overall, I do try to keep a fairly clean, tidy home. But let me tell you, this house DOES NOT make it easy!
I have never, ever lived in a place as inherently dusty as this one!!! It is IMPOSSIBLE to keep up with this unrelenting invasion of minute particles which band together to make my life miserable. I can dust the TV in the a.m., and it can be bad enough by early evening for my children to leave me nasty messages scrawled on the screen (or maybe it's my husband).
There is a reason for this horrid phenomenon. Ridge vents. Or so I'm told by ones far less ignorant than I in such matters. (I don't know what a ridge vent is, much less why it makes my house so damn dusty.)
Anyway, we have been in this house for 2 1/2 years now, and I have, for sanity's sake, learned to grudgingly accept this fact of life. Sure, I occasionally might be caught sticking out my tongue or flipping the finger at the layers of dust, but I think that's an understandable and forgiveable offense.
The real problem now arises when we're expecting guests. It's mighty hard to wait until the last minute to dust the entire house. But that is what it takes. And of course, if the guests spend the night, they awake the next day, open their eyes, and think to themselves, "I can't believe I didn't notice this yesterday, but Debi is one horrible slob! I can't believe she can't bother to clean her house even when she knows she's having company!"
Oh well. Such is life. May my dust and I will live to fight another day.


Dawn said...

I have a similar dust problem. Those gray bunnies flock to my heating vents and under my bed as well :)

Next to the bunnies, we also have problem with spiders :)

I'm sure your guest will be so thrilled to be with you and your family that the bunnies will go unnoticed :)

take care,

me said...

Oh, how funny! I have a draft I'm working on about dusting too! Like minds, eh? I'll wait awhile. LOL.

If it makes you feel any better, I've always sworn I have the dustiest house in MD - my dust gets dusty! And I don't even have a ridge vent for an excuse! ;)