Thursday, April 27, 2006

Where does it all come from?!!

Many moons ago (I'm not going to count how many actual moons this was, but I'll put in an estimate of 13 in regular old years), Rich and I lived in a small apartment above a garage. Hmmm...this was the second time we'd lived in an apartment over a garage, but that has absolutely nothing to do with the current subject.
So, anyway, this garage was located behind the house (not attached). The house was rented to a family of four. The landlords used the garage for their woodworking craft business, so it could be somewhat loud in our apartment at times. But they were polite about when they worked, so we were never too put out by it. However, also in the garage was a washer and dryer belonging to the people who rented the house. It's not the noise that bothered us, but the fact that whenever this woman did laundry it took all our hot water. And she did soooooo much laundry. We could never, ever count on getting a warm shower. At the time, I swore she had to be taking in laundry from other people, because I simply could not believe that one family could generate that much laundry! She literally did 3 or 4 loads each and every day. Frankly, I still think that's more than they should have been dirtying. But I now believe that it may have been possible.
Laundry is a never-ending chore! I simply cannot fathom how our family of five can produce so many dirty clothes, towels, sheets, and other assorted odds 'n' ends. An average week involves about 12 loads. A good one, maybe 10...a bad one, maybe 16.
I was reading an article on simplifying your life. One of the tips was to have a "laundry day". Yeah, right! I could not possibly do all the laundry in a single day each week. A totally ludicrous idea for this particular family.
O.K.--time to sign off (I just heard the dryer shut off).


Dawn said...

Laundry is a never ending chore! I try to set aside two days a week to do laundry (Wednesday and Saturday). I don't always stick to it.

Now, let's talk ironing.......!!!

take care,

debi said...

I have to admit that I do very little ironing. Used to do tons. But now that I'm just home with the kids, little of my wardrobe consists of items which need ironing. And my ever-so-loveable husband gets annoyed with me when I iron his clothes. He says he's striving for the rumpled professor look. So I've given up ironing his clothes, too. I'm a lucky woman, aren't I?