Wednesday, May 17, 2006

running late

Running late--item #1:
It's Wednesday. And better late than never, here's yesterday's 10 on Tuesday...

**10 Things You Do Everyday**
1. brush teeth, brush hair, deodorize, etc.
2. wash dishes, and more dishes, and more dishes
3. laundry
4. deal with fighting children
5. kiss Rich
6. say "I love you" to Rich, Annie, Gray, and Max
7. wish I'd gotten more sleep the night before
8. read before going to sleep (even if I only manage a page or two)
9. clip on my pedometer and record my miles
10. make list(s) life's just bursting with excitement. Yeah, right.

Running late--item #2:
Max has passed the 3 1/2 year mark. Still no sign of using the damn potty. Getting mighty frustrated by his lack of interest. Nothing we've tried has sparked any motivation in the little guy. So we've decided to go the "no pants" route (now that the weather will hopefully stay warm enough so this doesn't qualify as cruelty). Started with this strategy Monday. I told him he could get his pants on after he peed on the potty. He managed to hold it until about 1:00, then he had his first ever success! So he then got to wear his pants. Had an accident. Not surprising. But then peed on the potty two more times that day. I must admit I was awfully happy with the progress he'd made in one day!
Day 2 rolls around. Same pants until after that first pee in the pot. Only problem is that I'm really, really sick and not up for hauling him to the bathroom every 30 minutes. I do the best I can. 3:30 rolls around...and the kid still has not peed! How he could possibly hold it that long is beyond me! But believe me, I kept an eye out--he didn't sneak off and pee in some secret spot. Anyway, ditzy daughter (brilliant, yes...but oh-so ditzy, too) arrives home from school but has left an important folder behind. So I'm forced to let the little guy don a pull-up so we can take Annie up to school to retrieve her homework. No surprise what happened next...6 gallons of urine immediately fill the pull-up.
And here we are at Day 3. Disasterous start. Maxidoodle simply refuses to sit on the potty. He had to go soooo bad. Was crying and holding himself. I carried him to the bathroom, but he will NOT use the potty. He's trying just as hard as he can to hold it, but it's squirting out in spurts. Pee everywhere (on the floor, on the cupboards, on his socks, on me) but the potty. He's miserable. I'm miserable. Got him in the bath. Cleaned up the bathroom. And let him have a pull-up.
So, what's next? I've no idea.

Running late--item #3:
I guess "running late" isn't quite's more like running behind. Took the day off from most housework, etc. on Mother's Day. Then was so sick yesterday that I simply couldn't manage to get much done beyond the kid duties. You'd think that taking a mere 2 days off wouldn't be a big deal. But you'd be WRONG! I cannot believe how much things have fallen apart here. Will probably take 2 weeks to make up the lost time. Why can't I learn to embrace clutter?

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Dawn said...

I know I shouldn't laugh but your potty training story makes me smile. I did that naked method with Timmy too (somehow that sounds a bit odd!). I hope it is not a long wait to be fully trained!

Your boring life sounds just like mine :) I thought about doing this one but didn't think people would want to read how boring I actually am! You just might have a more exciting life than I do LOL!

I hope you don't feel like you are behind for too long. That's not a good feeling.

Thanks for checking in on me by the way. That was very thoughtful of you and greatly appreciated!

take care,