Sunday, May 14, 2006

yep, I'm a mother...

Here we are, 2 hours into Mother's Day. So far the day has consisted of...
*cleaning up cat barf
*making beds
*yelling at the kids to knock off the fighting (several times)
*having no one except my darling husband remember to wish me a "Happy Mother's Day"
*having the kids decide that today is Taco's birthday (he was a stray, so we don't know the true date) and spend 30 minutes making elaborate cards for the already pampered feline (and still no "Happy Mother's Day"s for me)
*having my 9-year-old ask, "Do I need a bra yet?"

Yep, I'm a mother.

On a bright note, Rich did make me one of my favorite breakfasts (bagels and fried eggs), and refused to let me clean up.

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Dawn said...

Happy Mother's Day Debi. Ah, kids...gotta love 'em!

Timmy only wished me a happy mother's day when he heard me tell Rich he hadn't done it yet!

You've got some nice looking kids there :) Which reminds me I have to call Brittainy to wish her a happy mother's day! It's her first!!!

Enjoy the day. :)

take care,