Tuesday, September 19, 2006

back and meme-ing

I've really missed doing this...

Anyway, for today's 10 on Tuesday...10 Things You'd Do If You Had More Time:

1. Scrapbook (I've thousands upon thousands of photos calling my name)
2. Make cards for everyone I know, for every occasion and non-occasion
3. Make all my Christmas gifts
4. Read, both the collection of hundreds of thrillers I have sitting on my bookshelves, but also lots of non-fiction
5. Walk every morning
6. More projects with the munchkins
7. More hiking with the family
8. More anything with Rich
9. Try more new recipes
10. Write more letters

Geez-I think I could list another hundred or so.

1 comment:

Dawn said...

Boy I would love to join you doing some of those things on your list. I could have written most of them myself :)

It's good reading your posts again. I've been awful at posting and checking my friends blogs.

take care,