Sunday, March 18, 2007

creating update (week 4)

Geez, and I thought last week was bad. Didn't get any scrapbooking in at all. Did a little knitting, but not as much as I'd hoped. And worst of all, I totally forgot to do my writing at 100 Words for 2 whole days...which means I blew it for March. (Not sure if I'll make another go at it for April or not.)

Anyway, here is what little I did accomplish...

Made the scarf for Annie's Webkinz. Such a dumb little thing, but they love them.

Worked steadily away on my first "real" project...a scarf for Annie. I'm now about halfway to completion.

And may the coming week be more creative.


gail said...

Knitting, wow, so impressive! That's not anything I've ever learned to do....the scarf looks pretty!

If you can do this, you can do a little ole wreath! I might help Stacy make one or put some directons up later, although there's not much to it but some eggs and a glue gun!

Dawn said...

I have been on a knitting frenzy! I've got to get to posting on my blog and share.

The blue yarn for Annie's scarf is so pretty! Great work!

take care,