Wednesday, March 21, 2007

one book down...

Decided that I'm going to go back to keeping a list of "books read". I used to do this. In fact, I used to keep a notebook that had a section for each of us (Rich, Annie, and I, that is...the boys weren't reading then). For each book we read, we listed the title, the author, the date finished, and a rating. But like so many things, I let it go by the wayside because of becoming so bogged down in the whole homeschooling thing. Annie keeps her own reading log now, in which she even writes a short review of each book (a big job considering how many books she reads). And I've decided that I'm going to go back to keeping my own list. Why? I don't know...just for fun, I guess.

I found this neat site called Library Thing. It's a site where people "display" their own libraries. Some people have all the books they own listed, some simply list what they've read. I plan to do the latter. You can write comments about the books on your list and read reviews by other readers. You can get suggestions based on the books you like. Lots of other stuff, too. Just a fun site.

Anyway, I finished a book this morning. (Wish I knew how to put those cool little pictures of books on here like everyone else has. But after spending way more time than I should have playing around, I still couldn't figure out how to do it. Maybe I'll fiddle around again sometime later. So for now, no cute little pictures.) The book is Kira-Kira, by Cynthia Kadohata, and it is an absolute delight. Yes, it's children's literature. But I thoroughly enjoyed it. The book is told from the perspective of Katie, a young Japanese-American girl in the 1950s. She completely stole my heart. The book made me laugh out loud, and the book had me in tears...numerous times for each. A very touching book.


Karen said...

what a great site! I currently use an excel spreadsheet, but need something more user friendly. I am bogged down right now, but bookmarked it so I can check it out soon!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I've seen Library Thing, but I think the free version is limited to a certain number of books. Which I'm sure I have more than that of :) And I'm too cheap to pay, I'm afraid, LOL!

Are you going to post a list of the books you read here?! :) Or at least reviews, love them!

Dawn said...

I just joined a group of on line friends (a monthly book club). We are on our second book and it is boring me! I can't wait to be done!

I don't think I'd have a very long list. I don't give myself enough time to read.

I do enjoy reading during my summer break though :)

take care,