Wednesday, April 11, 2007

blogging frustration

I just started reading Rebecca's blog. And I am thoroughly enjoying it! But this evening, for whatever reason, blogger will not let me comment...and it's frustrating me to no end! After fighting with it for 20 minutes, I've decided to give up (it is almost time for Jericho, after all).

So Rebecca, if you happen to read this, here is the comment I tried at least 10 times to post at your blog..."Wow! What a totally cool thing to do! I think I would have freaked if I'd have found it though. My little guy just came in to ask for a drink, saw your photo, and said, "Hey! Who cut off that cat's tail?" And let me tell you, he was indignant!"

To anyone else who just read that, be assured that no cat was in any way harmed! In fact, go check out the post's really neat!

And blogger, please be kinder to me tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Oh how frustrating. I haven't had that trouble ... YET! *Knock on Wood*!!

Rebecca said...

HAHA! Yeah, my first reaction was that it was some HUMONGOUS hairball the cat threw up :P Someone else said they thought it was a dog's tail and was all creeped out...hehe

Anonymous said...

LOL, Debi ~ Yes! You can wait an extra day to post your desk! I would love to see your new ... antique desk! Perfect timing! Take your time, I'm patient!