Wednesday, April 11, 2007

munch, munch, munch

Yes, that sound you hear is me eating my words! I promised Baker I would set the record straight. Our paunchy little pooch passed his doggie training final. He even has the certificate to prove it. (Frankly, I think the teacher, who also happens to be our next door neighbor, just loves him and fudged his scores a bit...but don't tell Baker I said that, o.k.?)

Another update--there still have been no actual broken bones since the discovery of swing jumping. But there is a bruise about as big around as a saucer on Gray's leg. And Max is sporting a nice fat split lip. Miss Annie is still unscathed...because she's too scared to jump from more than about a foot off the ground (and believe me, this is just as well!).

And, totally unrelated to anything, we made a successful haul from the thrift store today...5 shirts and a book for Annie, 4 shirts and a light sweatshirt and a book and a pair of boots (to grow into) for Gray, 3 shirts for Max, a book and a pair of shoes for Rich, and a pair of shorts and a shirt and a pair of shoes for me...all for 38 dollars!


Melissa R. Garrett said...

You've gotta love the thrift store! One thing that I'm gonna do tomorrow without Hannah and Jacob here is do a little shopping. Bridget desperately needs a new pair of shoes as her feet continue to grow at break-neck speed. And if it ever warms up around here, we all need something other than wool sweaters to wear! Great finds, BTW :-)

Carrie! :o) said...

LOL!! Yay to the doggie! :o)

Great finds shopping! I love good shopping days like that!

Oh, you've been TAGGED!!! *Bwhahahaha* ~ Come see!!

gail said...

What fun!

Jules said...

Great deals!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Yeah for Baker! I knew he could do it, what a good boy :)

That's quite a haul! Love the pictures, and you *know* I love seeing anything remotely related to books, LOL!