Friday, April 06, 2007

lest I forget...

Just a couple things from the mouths of babes...

*At supper two nights ago, Gray asked, "How did they first make plastic?"

To which Rich answered, "I'm not really sure. We'll have to ask Grandpa." Because Grandpa is a chemist.

Gray, however, obviously thought there was a different reason that Grandpa would this very incredulous voice, he asked, "Grandpa was a caveman?"

Needless to say, Rich and I nearly rolled out of our seats laughing before explaining that plastics have not been around nearly that long!

*Max has been especially challenging lately. He just won't seem to do anything I ask these days. It's been very exasperating. After supper yesterday, he asked me if I would help him brush his teeth. And in a very mature (ha!) manner, I answered, "I don't know; will you start doing what I ask?"

He quickly answers, "Yes." He obviously put no thought into what I'd actually said. So I said, "And WHEN will you start listening?"...fully expecting him to say, "Now."

But he paused thoughtfully, then looked up at me and said in the sweetest little voice, "How about tomorrow?"


Melissa R. Garrett said...

LOL! Jacob is always telling me that someone tossed his listening ears up in the tree outside - don't know where he came up with that! Once when he went to church with my MIL, the preschool teacher asked him to put on his listening ears. He said, "I can't. I forgot them at home." That boy has an answer for everything!

~**Dawn**~ said...

how about tomorrow? =) priceless.

i hope you & your family have a wonderful blessed Easter, Debi.

Carrie! :o) said...

LOL! Oh my gosh, that is just way too funny! I'm gonna have to remember that *how about tomorrow* comment! What a comedian, he is.

And Grandpa being a caveman, LOL. Are you gonna tell Grandpa about this conversation?! :o)

Y'all have a nice Friday!