Monday, April 02, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

A couple quick updates. Carrie, I posted the Pizza Salad recipe here. Don't ask me why it's called pizza doesn't taste anything like pizza. Maybe because it has pepperoni in it? Anyway, it's a big family favorite in our little abode. And secondly, Dawn, I posted the recipe for the Almost Stuffed Peppers here. This is one of those recipes that makes the menu quite often around here. It's easy and yummy. We usually eat it as a main dish, but I've used it as a side dish, too. And it works well for us because you add the cooked ground beef to the rest at the very end, so it makes it easy for me to serve Annie (our resident vegetarian) the meatless version.

Okay, on to this week's menu:

*spaghetti/garlic bread/salad


*red beans & rice (that we didn't get to last week...or the week before)

*Arizona Slop/tortilla chips/red grape salad (again, that we didn't get to last week)

*out to eat on Friday (for Annie's birthday, which falls on Easter this year, we're taking her and a friend to dinner and a movie)

Pretty easy week, because it's going to be a hectic one.

Thank you, Laura, for hosting! And thank you, Stacy for steering me in the right direction for posting the little banner thingies!


annie said...

Your menu looks great, Happy Birthday to your Annie!
Easter Blessings~
♥ Annie
My Life as Annie!

A Juggling Mum said...

Great Menu!!!

Have a great week and a great Easter :)

Rachel xxx

Anonymous said...

I like the looks of the Almost Stuffed Pepper. Thanks.

gail said...

Now if you're having something called "Arizona Slop", you must tell what it is or how to make it! Interesting sounding!

Debi said...

Gail--Oops. Forgot to link them...I'll go do that right now.

gail said...

Thanks! That looks like it makes a lot so I might half it sometime for us or cook when I have more people here...and it's gotta be good with tortilla chips, a staple for hubs so I bet he'd like it!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Looks like a great week to me. I want to come eat at your house :)

Happy Birthday to Annie! Hope you all have a great time going out to celebrate!!!

P.S. I'm so glad you got the menu banner posted, great job!

Dawn said...

I like reading your menus. It gets me thinking. I only know tonight is spaghetti and tomorrow is ham steak with potato casserole!

Thanks for sharing your recipes :)

take care,

Anonymous said...

Thanks a bunch for posting those recipes for us!! Yummy!!

Of course you can stop by for dinner this week! I would be glad to have you, LOL! :o) But, if I'm not here for some reason, it's because I'm on my way to your house, heehee!

Hope Annie has a wonderful birthday!

Sharijoy said...

Sounds like a great all you're recipes I'll have to try a few of'em!!