Tuesday, April 10, 2007

oh no...she's rambling again

*5 minutes of peace. Is that too much to ask? In this house, yes. I take short showers, usually about 5 minutes. Well, this morning, during that 5 minutes, each and every child felt the need to come in and disturb me with an "emergency". Annie felt compelled to let me know that she wanted to shower this morning, Max wanted to know if he could have a yellow rubber band, and Gray, with the closest thing to an actual emergency, came in stark naked to let me know he couldn't get his closet door open and thus couldn't get his clothes. I know, I know, I suppose I should lock the bathroom door...but in typical worrywart fashion, I imagine all manner of disastrous situations that might develop, and thus feel compelled to leave the door unlocked so they can have access to me should a real emergency arise. The problem being we have very different ideas of what a real emergency is.

*Our porky little piglet went to the vet yesterday. We've been concerned that Baker might have a thyroid problem. Vet said she wouldn't be surprised. But she also said beagles can be prone to being overweight. We should know later this week. And tonight is the night that Baker will fail his dog training "final exam". No, I'm not being pessimistic; I'm simply being realistic.

*Was hoping to finish Inkheart this week, which, by the way, I am enjoying thoroughly. But then reality reared its ugly head, and I realized that I need to read Just Jane for our upcoming literature unit. Started it last night, and I must admit I'm enjoying it as well, though it's quite different from my usually reads.

*Annie had a wonderful birthday weekend! Thank you everyone, for all the sweet birthday wishes!

*I've continued plugging away on my "craft room" for the 30 Day Organizational Challenge, but I'm beginning to doubt that I'll finish in time. I've decided to really do things right, so in the end, I hope it will be well worth it. On Saturday, Rich tore down the horribly ugly, crumbling drop ceiling that was in there. And then I spent nearly an hour vacuuming out all the cobwebs, etc. that had been hidden up above. But beyond that, I didn't make much progress over the weekend. But hey, it was Easter and Annie's birthday, right?

*The kids have discovered what great fun it is jumping off the swing. (How we managed to keep this great joy of childhood from them for so long is beyond me!) But back to the worrywart mommy, but I'm just waiting for a broken arm here this morning while Rich has the van off for its "check-up"...thus no way to transport mangled child to the ER.

Okay, guess it's time to cease this incessant babbling, and go accomplish something.


Carrie! :o) said...

LOL!!! You must be my twin! That whole bathroom scene was so familiar! I don't lock the door for the same reason and everyone is always walking in and out for what *they* feel is important. The joys of motherhood! :o)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Again, I have no idea how you juggle all of this, homeschooling, cooking, reading, crafts, purging/organizing/cleaning and everything else. I really do think you're Wonder Woman and your costume must be hiding in your closet somewhere :)

Glad you guys had a good Easter and Annie enjoyed her birthday. Graet pictures! Ooh, and poor Baker. He needs to meet our dog, the chronic never-hungry, under-eater. :)

Rebecca said...

I haven't peed in private in 17 years,let alone have a shower in peace :P/ Sheesh.I think that's one thing I will NOT miss when the kids are all gone from home! LOL

Thanks for your comment,btw :). I really,really need to get back in the habit of posting daily like I used to.I really do miss it. Plus, the in-laws think I do nothing at all with the kids because I never updat the blog :P

annie said...

That sounds all too familiar! My hub is the worst at that too! He finds ten things he needs to tell me the minute I step into the shower :)
Annie ♥

Jules said...

I never get to have an uninterrupted shower either.

gail said...

I remember those days of when my children would bang on the bathroom door and beg to come in! You're better than me, I locked the door because sometimes that was the only time I could be away from 4 kids!

gail said...

P.S.....love the picture of the birthday girl! She's so cute.