Tuesday, April 03, 2007

on today's plate...

*It's the start of the 30 Day Organizational Challenge! I am both excited about it and dreading it. I'm keeping track of my progress here.

*Annie's cold has taken a turn for the worse. Of course, it is just a cold. From listening to her, however, you'd think she was in the throws of some horrible, painful, and probably terminal disease. She and Max are so alike in many respects, but this definitely isn't one of them. That kid can be sicker than a dog, and still never complain about it.

*Have to take Annie to the doctor today (a totally unrelated manner). She'll be getting a shot. Which luckily, she takes much more in stride than she does illness.

*Tonight is "dog school". They'll be practicing for next week's final. Baker doesn't stand a chance at passing! Lucky for him, he's cute as well as stubborn. (Hmmm...that applies to Max as well!)

*Annie and I are trying to finish up with this quarter of school. As soon as she finishes, she'll be done until April 16 (after spring break). I, of course, will not be...I have massive amounts of stuff to get ready for next quarter, as well as this quarter's progress report to write. (So much for spring break for Mommy, huh?)

--Well, with all those useless ramblings out of my system, I suppose I ought to go get started on that disaster zone...I don't think 30 days will possibly be enough!


Jean said...

Organization in 30 days? You are brave, indeed! Organize? Me? Ha! Actually, I have been told that I have very good organizational skills. I do, when it comes to other people and to time and projects. When it comes to space, as in my house, bah! I would rather be creative and nurturing, and there's not time in my day to do those as well as be clean and organized. I humbly acknowledge and accept my shortcomings. Good luck!

~*Kelli*~ said...

Oh honey. You should see this SLOP of a house. It's horrid. I don't even want to START, and it's 12:18 pm here!

Poor Annie. 2 of mine are sick with runny noses, too. Ugh. I thought we were out of cold season.

Anonymous said...

LOL, your Annie sounds like my Libby. She also has a cold but you would think she's dying and that she's the only one in the world to ever cough. Drives me bonkers.

Hope the rest of your day goes well.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

OK, I want to know how you have time to do all of this - homeschool, cook, read, scrapbook, knit and organize all of this stuff. Good grief, you seriously are Wonder Woman!

Now, I hope Annie is feeling tons better soon and that Baxter does great in doggie school, LOL! :)