Tuesday, April 03, 2007

10 on Tuesday

**10 Things You Love About Spring**

--Can I let you know when spring decides to actually stick around? According to the local 7-day forecast, we're in for snow tomorrow night and then every day right through Monday. Yep, including Easter. Oh, okay, let's give this a shot...

1. Not having to spend 30 minutes getting the monkeys snow-suited up every time they want to go out to play.
2. Not having to worry that Gray forgot his shoes or his snowpants when he heads off to school. (Worries can then focus solely on whether he remembered his homework and his lunch.)
3. Rich being able to sleep in a little bit because he doesn't have to shovel the driveway (yes, I believe we're one of about three households in town without a snow blower) and clean off the cars.
4. Saying good-bye to the frequent searches for the matching glove.
5. The return of color...all those spring flowers.
6. Hearing froggies a-courtin'.
7. Open windows. I so can't wait for this one!
8. Fewer loads of laundry (since we're all wearing less layers).
9. Reading outside while the munchkins play.
10. An easier-to-stomach heating bill.


~**Dawn**~ said...

well... snow for Easter will make hiding the eggs easier right? ;-)

gail said...

Oh more snow, I'm sorry! But surely spring will be there soon, I hope.

Julia said...

No more snows is just relief! Glad spring is here *grin*

It seem most on your list are things you has to deal with going outside in the cold weather, glad that those days are over for you *grin* :)

Happy Ten on Tuesday! Hope you have good days! Here is Mine!

Patois said...

We don't have the frogs, but I'm hearing the other creatures. Hope your frogs don't get snowed in. Or your Easter eggs.

ti'mo said...

Love the list. we're probably not done with winter either - last week it was 70 degrees on Wednesday and we woke up to six inches of snow on Thursday. Gotta love spring in Colorado!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Oh I TOTALLY agree with this list. I am not looking forward to Easter snow either, especially when today is 60-ish and sunny and the kids are exhausted and sweaty from running and playing and digging in the dirt. A couple more things I love about spring? Hanging my clothes on the lines and them NOT taking all day to dry. And eating BBQ outside on the patio!! Playing in the sandbox and running through the sprinkler - yeah!!

Hope Annie feels better :-)

amy said...

yeah for colorful flowers. I cant wait for open windows either

Kathy said...

Amen, & amen on the heating bill!
Yeah, we're supposed to get snow also on Thursday. What a bummer. It's nice to go out without a jacket.
Good list!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Well, I can honestly say I've never had to encounter snow on Easter. Hope you guys stay warm and spring comes soon to your "neck of the woods" :)