Saturday, May 05, 2007

highlights (and lowlight)...

of the last few days:

*Wednesday-Annie went to school with Rich because he was taking his Vertebrate Zoology class on a field trip to a fish hatchery.

*Wednesday-With 2 hours to myself, I managed to make curtains for the craft room. And later in the day, finished up the room entirely. Whew.

*Wednesday-A community group held a mini carnival at Max's preschool. He had a ball, and came home with all kinds of goodies that had been donated.

*Thursday-Someone smashed in the window of Rich's car while he was at work.

*Thursday-Annie and I watched episode 5 of The Revolution. Such a good series! Now we're all excited to go visit Fort Ticonderoga and Saratoga.

*Friday-Max had to stay home from school, because of the car situation.

*Friday-The library book sale! We splurged! All together we bought 33 books for $9. Annie and I made out the best...

And now it's Saturday...National Scrapbooking Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Kentucky Derby Day all rolled into one. But I really don't know what we'll be doing with ourselves yet.


Rebecca said...

wow, that sucks about the car window!:(

Nice socre on the books. Our library book sale was this week ,too. I was determined not to buy any but whoops....I walked away with a bag full. LOL

gail said...

We did a little bit of yard work and some reading here.
WOW, $9 for all those books! Great deal. Cute pic of Annie.....we need to see one of you with your books! I bet Annie will take it of you. :)

twiga92 said...

I recently finished Vanish by Tess Gerritsen - great book. And Pandora's Clock was awesome! A mixture of 2 of my favorite genres - medical thriller and aviation thriller. Enjoy!

org junkie said...

Wow it looks like your daughter loves to read as much as mine. My daughter just turned 10. Do you think she'd ever be interested in a penpal? Email me if you want.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I see *Good in Bed* in that pile!! Great book and such a fun author!!

I'm so sorry somebody smashed the car window! Some people are just so ... so... jerkish! I'm glad your husband wasn't hurt or anything!

Jennifer said...

Sorry about the car window - what a bummer!
I haven't been to a library sale in years!!! I need to find out when there's going to be one again. Of course, I never seem to find the time to read, and have several books waiting to be read. But I love to get kids books too. I'm sure Ruthi will be wanting more books before long! (When she quits eating them and tearing the pages!)

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh my, be still my beating heart! Look at all of those glorious books, and all for $9 bucks. I think I would be in heaven :)

I keep wanting to see more of the Revolution. We have seen one or two episodes and I loved it. Hope you get to see them all. When do you go visit Saratoga and Ft Ticonderoga? FUN!

Karen said...

All of those books are great! Jennifer Weiner is hilarious, as is Diane Mott Davidson...with some fantastic recipes thrown in:-)

I am ecstatic that the library in our new town has an ongoing book sale...$0.35 per book!!! They update with new books every Thursday, so I always stop in to check it out!

Sorry about the car, but as you have seen on my blog, we have had our share of "issues" as well, maybe its something in the air?? Regardless, my sympathies are with you, I know and understand the frustrations!

Here's to a better week for everyone!