Thursday, May 03, 2007


By Gail. To name 7 random things about myself. And then to tag 7 others.

Truly, this shouldn't be so difficult, should it? After all, it didn't say they had to be interesting things, right?

1. I married the love of my life almost 17 years ago in my parents' backyard.

2. His parents offered to send us anywhere we wanted to go for our honeymoon, but we chose to hike on the Appalachian Trail.

3. We've lived in 10 different places since being married, but barring any unforeseen circumstances, we're finally staying put.

4. I'm really lousy at being pregnant.

5. I hate being wet. A beach vacation is my idea of torture.

6. I don't mind spiders, snakes, or any of those other creepy crawlies that most people despise, but I really hate driving.

7. Aside from the four other humans, I also share this house with a dog, a cat, a behemoth goldfish, 4 mice, approximately 20 guppies (it's hard to keep track...they keep multiplying), several snails, and a multitude of tadpoles. Salamander eggs are due to arrive any day. And I suspect my husband will be bringing home his tarantula at the end of this semester.

Not terribly exciting, I know. But I'm going to tag Carrie, Jennifer, Dawn, Rebecca, Karen, Marianne, and Annie (yes, my sweet little Annie). I'm willing to bet they all have much more interesting things to say!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tag! You and Annie both tagged me! I'm up now!

I loved reading your answers! Y'all sound alot like David and I. We would pick hiking over some fancy destination!

LOL @ you signing up for that contest, too! You are so funny! And so darn thoughtful! :o)

gail said...

Yay, I'm so glad you played! And those are very interesting hiked the AT, wow! That's impressive. And I'm so with you on the being wet thing, I really don't like it either.

(was gonna tag Dawn but thought you might tag her too!)

Jennifer said...

I think your facts are quite interesting! I'll have to think about this and try to get it up tomorrow. This is my first 'official' tag!

Can you believe I got that cute little dress for Ruthi at the thrift store my friend owns for free? I thought it was cute too.

And yep - Mother's day is just over a week away - AACK! I still need to figure gifts out!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and visiting! I thought the Non-fiction Challenge was really up my alley as I love reading memoirs...not sure which non-fiction I will do next...I have had the Terri Schiavo story on my shelf for over a year so I may do that one next. BTW...I was tagged also with this meme and will post my answers on Monday...I always enjoy learning more about my fellow bloggers! Enjoy your day ;)

Rebecca said...

Oh, I LOVE your idea of a honeymoon! My ideal would be The Grand Canyon :)

*writes note to self to remeber to do this* ;)

~ Brandilyn Collins said...


I've been informed that you won a copy of my suspense novel, Brink of Death, on Callapidder Days. Congrats. Just letting you know it'll ship to you soon. Meanwhile, you can read the prologue on my web site, if you like.


Dawn said...

I haven't forgotten about being tagged...just haven't had time to blog!

Rich and I got married in my mother's backyard as well :)

take care,