Tuesday, May 01, 2007

just a minute for regrouping

Just had to sit down and try to get my act together. For whatever reason, I didn't make myself a "to do" list for the day...and I think it's thrown me out of whack. Or maybe it's the annoying headache that kept waking me up throughout the night. Not a killer headache or anything, just annoying.

The alarm went of at 4:53. The time it's set for each day there's something worth taping on Assignment Discovery. (This week is all Language Arts programming...great stuff for school next year.) Anyway, since then I've checked e-mail and caught up on my daily blog reads. The kids have been fed, breakfast dishes cleaned up, lunch packed, pitcher of tea made. Annie's bedding is in the dryer (can't wait till Rich gets my clothesline up!) and a load of clothes is in the washer. Bed made. Kids dressed (okay, only 2 out of 3 are...Maxidoodle is sitting naked in the living room refusing to put his clothes on). Baker's been out, fed (though he's on a feeding strike...we're wondering if his medication needs adjusted), and had his morning pill. I've gathered up what we need for today's schooling.

In other words, it's taken me three hours to do what should have taken one. Just an off day, I guess. Not really a day I can afford to be having an off day (okay, that's a bit melodramatic...the world will not come to an end if I don't accomplish what I have planned). Annie and I have a big day today with school. I need to clean the bathroom and vacuum the house. I'd hoped to give the stove a baking soda rub-down. Need to gather up the books we've put in the garage to take to the library for their library sale. Need to make curtains for my craft room. Need to sweep out craft room. Need to start putting everything back into craft room. The 30 Day Organizational Challenge ends tomorrow at 11:59pm...and I've got a ways to go. Though I did finally get it painted...hooray! Tonight is McCare Night (the teacher's at Gray's school work at McDonalds this evening for charity), so we'll be heading out for that.

I don't know...my head's just not in it. Maybe I should just give up now.


Jean said...

Sorry about the headache! Are you prone to migraines? After treating mine for years, I finally resorted to beta blockers for prevention this year when I got to spending almost as many days with migraines as without each month. Just keep reminding yourself that the world won't end if you don't get it all done today or even tomorrow. The world is good that way. As I used to tell myself on those sorts of days, if the kids are alive and the house is standing when the spousal unit gets home in the evening, then it's all good. Jean, who is mailing in the college acceptance today that would empty her nest except for the older child who is likely moving back home for a while

~**Dawn**~ said...

those annoying but persistent little headaches are the worst.

i know what you mean about the absence of a list. i find that when i have my tasks in front of me, not only does it keep me moving to the next one, but i get that sense of accomplishment from crossing them off & seeing everything that's been done. without my list, i am far more easily distracted.

Jennifer said...

Oh Debi, you just made me so tired I want to crawl right back into bed, or on the couch! I have been dealing with headaches a LOT lately, so I totally understand how they make you feel.
Just remember, do what you can, and get to the rest later! Don't beat yourself up if it doesn't all get done. We can only do so much after all. As much as we'd like to think we are Super Moms, we still have "off" days. (I probably have more than most!) Just take it a little step at a time. Looks like you have a really full plate! Try to take a few minutes for yourself too!
Congratulations on getting the room painted! I bet that feels great!
Have a wonderful day!

marianne said...

ooof! you get more done in three hours than I get done in a week, girl! sorry you're having an off day, but like the others said, be nice to you - it'll wait for you and you can only do so much. hope your headache goes away and you have a delightful rest of the day!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Sorry you have a headache, hope it is gone by now. You do more in one morning than I do all day, it sounds like :) You should totally pat yourself on the back for everything you do, and don't get overwhelmed with the other stuff. Doing the curtains, oven, etc are great projects, but I wouldn't put them on my to-do list every day. Just pick one for the week maybe, and try to tackle it one day. Like you said, the world won't stop spinning because you didn't get something done. Hope you and your family have a terrific day :)

gail said...

Hate having headaches, no fun!
Having a list helps me too....but it still sounds like you've done an awful lot! Hope the rest of the day has gone ok for you.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Here's to hoping the headache is all better :-) I can relate about feeling "off." With the funk making its way through our house, I've been behind in everything. But there are days when you just have to throw your hands up in the air and say, "Oh what the heck!"

ps ~ I went to the store without a list today. NEVER AGAIN!! I forgot half of everything I needed. And there was NO sour cream for our tacos tonight. How can one eat a taco without sour cream??

Anonymous said...

Hope the rest of your day went better. I hate not having my head screwed on straight. It happens more often than I would like. I like to call it fog on the brain, LOL!