Monday, June 18, 2007

another crazy week ahead...

I'm blowing off Menu Plan Monday again. Technically, I suppose I could have done it...I do have a plan, but it's a quite an abbreviated one. Trying a new recipe for chicken sandwiches from the latest Simple & Delicious for supper tonight, making Taco Salad tomorrow (thanks for reminding me of this winner...and for introducing us to it to start with, Kara), making a huge batch of spaghetti sauce for supper Wed. and for freezing for the future. Thursday is the boys' last day of school, and we traditionally take them out to eat, but with soccer, who will be a play it by ear type of thing. And as for the weekend...we might just go somewhere.

Frankly, I just can't wait for this week to be over. Well, if I can just survive till Friday afternoon, I'll be okay...

*The fourth quarter report for Annie's homeschooling is due on Friday. Last quarter's took me 8 hours to do; I'm guessing this one will as well. I can get it started today, but can't finish it because we still have several things to get finished, most significantly 4 final tests.

*Gray's field day is this morning. Which means Annie won't be getting any school work done.

*Trip to the library tomorrow--to return some books and because sign up for the summer reading program starts then.

*Annie has a flute lesson tomorrow.

*Max's preschool graduation is Thursday morning.

*Need to get teacher gifts. And make treats for both boys' classes.

*Need to make an anniversary card for my parents...and get gift mailed.

*Monday-Thursday evenings are filled with soccer.

*Normal cooking, cleaning, laundry. Well, cleaning may have to wait.

*Throw in a few minutes a couple times a day for wound care. A nice Father's Day hiking outing yesterday ended in a trip to the urgent care clinic yesterday. Gray fell running through a field and took a fairly large slice of skin off his thigh. He's feeling okay now, except during dressing changes. The poor guy has his field day this morning and soccer tonight...hopefully his "boo-boo" won't ruin his good time.

*Anyway, if I survive all this last week of school stuff that lasts through Thursday, I have a trip to the dentist to get 3 fillings replaced to look forward to Friday morning. I'm a major league dentist wimp, so it may be a good thing that I'll be so busy this week and won't have time to dwell on it. to get back to it.


twiga92 said...

Wow!! Goodness that's a lot for one week! Hope all goes smoothly.

kreed said...

Looks like you're getting a super busy week this time! You'll get it all done and done well, but I know you'll be ready for a break when the weekend comes.

I've always told Aaron that hiking is hazardous and that is why I just can't do it I have proof! I hope Gray's leg heals up fast and he gets to enjoy field day anyway!

My dentist will give a shot or two of laughing gas just to take the edge off of a visit (I have a REALLY hard time with the scraping when they clean - the noise just sends me over the edge). You'll probably get some anyway since they are checking fillings, but if not just tell them you're not much of a dentist person and you'd like a little gas..can't hurt to ask!

Anonymous said...

Oh Man! What a week! Just reading it made me tired! Hope it goes quickly and painlessly, LOL!!!

Hope Gray's leg feels better. That sounds pretty darn painful!!

amy said...

You are one busy person..Let us know how it goes!

marianne said...

oh my goodness, what a week you've got! easy does it, girl - I hope you've got a few minutes scheduled in there somewhere so you can breathe! ;)

Jennifer said...

Crazy is an understatment! Man - I'm just exhausted thinking about all you have going on! Try to get some rest in there too!

I'm so thankful our state doesn't require reports like that - I'd be a mess! And shoot - that just reminded me, I haven't mailed in the final attendance sheets! Guess I better put that on my list!!

Poor Gray - hope he's doing ok and that's not slowing him down too much!

I'd say take it easy, but doesn't look like there's anything easy about your week! Whew!

Jean said...

Hang in there, Debi! If it helps put the dentist visit Friday morning in perspective, my hubby is having his first colonoscopy then. See, things could be worse! As for me, I'm just giving blood Friday morning.

gail@more than a song said...

You have a lot to do this week, no wonder you wish it was over already!
I should have skipped the menu thing this week too, but posted anway, oops! I think you're cooking more than me. Don might not be here some nights & I'll skip those.

Melissa R. Garrett said...

Breathe, my friend. Breathe.


Dawn said...

Debi, I feel your pain. That is how my last month of school went. There were a couple of days that I was so OVERWHELMED that I just cried! But, in the end everything worked out just fine. I made it through and everything got done! I am not a last minute kind of girl. I get very stressed.

I hope the week goes by smoothly for you and you get through it without any mishaps!

take care,