Wednesday, June 13, 2007

long time, no see

We had such an incredibly fun weekend here! Our friends, Bill and Deborah, arrived late Friday afternoon. We hadn't seen them since we left Cleveland, TN almost four years ago. And they are just such wonderful, fun people...we've really missed them!

Friday evening, we ate a big supper and pretty much just sat around catching up. Saturday, we took them to Bill Gray's, Home of the World's Greatest Cheeseburger, for a taste of Rochester's finest. And then we headed up to Chimney Bluffs State Park on Lake Ontario. This was Deborah's first time to any of the Great Lakes.

Bill, Deborah, and Annie:

the bluffs:

Max with his prize find (a fish skull...just what Mommy wanted--more animal skulls in the house):

The long walk on the rocky beach pretty much tired us all out, so we just ordered in pizza for supper.

Sunday, we headed out to Niagara Falls. We've been here for nearly four years and this is the first time we've headed over there, despite the fact that it's only an hour away. I was there as a kid, but this was everyone else's first time. In fact, it was Deborah's first time out of the country. We all simply had the best time! We walked our poor legs to death, but it was definitely a good kind of exhaustion. And there's so much we didn't get to do and see that our family has decided that we're most definitely heading back again soon.

Bill and Deborah with their best game show hostess impressions:

My little gang waiting for the Maid of the Mist to "leave port":

Bill and Deborah traveling up the river:

Horseshoe Falls from the deck of the boat:

American Falls from the deck of the boat:

Bill and Rich after supper at the Hard Rock Cafe:

My beautiful family:

Two of my favorite guys when we stopped to watch a street juggler:

A rainbow at the falls:

Rich, Annie, Gray, and Bill on the Aerocar over the whirlpool (Deborah and I were too wimpy to go):

Early Monday afternoon, our wonderful friends took off heading out for new adventures. We're so grateful that they made us part of their vacation!


gail@more than a song said...

What great pictures Debi! I loved them and they bring back such fun memories....we took our kids to Niagra Falls one summer and then drove through the state visiting other sites & finally landed in Manhatten for the remaining time. I loved Maid of the Mist! I didn't have a digital camera when we went, this makes it so fun to see the pics.
I've been so busy I'm meeting myself coming & going this week!

Jean said...

Neat stuff! Despite being married to a Canadian, I've never been to the Canadian side of the falls, only the American one. And I love Gail's comment about meeting herself coming and going. That was me last week.

twiga92 said...

Love the pictures! Niagara Falls is such a great place to visit! As many times as I've been there I still haven't been on the Maid of the Mist. Love the rainbow over the Falls!

~**Dawn**~ said...

You have no idea how much you made my mouth water with the words "The World's Greatest Cheeseburger." =P

Fun photos! I love the ones of the Falls. I've only been to Niagra once, about ten years ago. We didn't do any of that fun stuff. =/

Melissa R. Garrett said...

I can't wait to show Jacob these pictures!! He remember when we went to Niagara Falls when he was 2.5!! He's been telling us he wants to go back and even has a book with a black & white photo of Niagara Falls that he sleeps with. Talk about obsessed ;-) We didn't get to go on Maid of the Mist on account of the kids being so small, but I definitely want to do that next time.

GREAT pics, but I missed seeing one of you. I have no idea what you look like!!

PS - I am off to write that meme you tagged me with NOW!

Anonymous said...

Oh Debi!!! I am soooooooooo jealous! Those pictures are so beautiful!! I would *love* to go one day!! Can I come visit you and you take me?? LOL!!!!

I'm so glad y'all had so much fun! It's nice to catch up with old friends!

Okay, 2 things that have been on my mind and since I'm feeling *frisky* I'm gonna say them today ... Ready ... Ummm, where are YOU?? I've been waiting for a picture to pop up with you in it but NO! You never let us see you! *sniff-sniff*, LOL! Okay, and here's the last thing I have to say ... I'm gonna say this really quickly and then find the exit before you can catch me and whop me on the head ... 1 ... 2 ... 3 ... Your husband is so handsome, LOL ....

kreed said...

Great pictures - and since there seems to be some scuttle about no pics of you, maybe I'll have to threaten to post one of you on my blog if you don't do it yourself! ;)

And you never can have too many bones around the house, you know! O.K., you definitely can, but I haven't found any way around it - let me know if you do!

annie said...

I was so excited to see these pictures. My oldest daughter Amanda (16) just arrived in montreal. They stayed the night in Buffalo NY last night and drove right through Rochester. They are going to Niagara falls on the way home. Everytime she sends me a pic from her phone to my phone it locks up my phone ... so at least I can look at your pics :O)

Melody said...

Wow, sounds like fun, Debi! Enjoyed the pics! I hope I will get to visit Niagara Falls one day...*sigh*

Jennifer said...

Looks like you had a wonderful time. Awesome pictures! I hope to be able to go some day! And I have to agree with the others - we need to see you along with that beautiful family too! Come on, if I can do it, then I know you can!!!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh wow, these are wonderful pictures! Looks like you guys had fun, and I'm betting this was a whole world away from Cleveland TN (which we drove through a few weeks ago, hehehe!). We still haven't made it up there, but we will one day. We both want to see Niagara Falls. Your pictures are gorgeous, especially the rainbow. Just beautiful :)

Thanks for sharing all of this with us :)