Monday, June 25, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Okay...our first week of summer vacation here. And like I said earlier, I've decided to try to make things slightly less chaotic around here. Step One is to plan not just supper for the week, but also breakfast and lunch as well. Not sure how this will play out, but I figure it's worth a try.

*lunch-homemade mac & shells/watermelon
*supper-grilled reubens/chips

*breakfast-cold cereal/bananas
*lunch-fruit salad/fresh peach muffins
*supper-cheesy potatoes and ham/broccoli/blueberry muffins

*breakfast-frozen waffles/apple slices
*supper-steak/baked potatoes/green beans

*breakfast-dino eggs oatmeal
*lunch-barbecue sandwiches/beans
*supper-salsa pasta/bread

*breakfast-Pop Tarts/strawberries (my kids will love me!)
*lunch-grilled cheese/tomato soup/goldfish
*supper-burgers/corn on the cob

*breakfast-scrambled eggs/bacon/English muffins
*supper-grilled Italian chicken/pizza salad/homemade rolls

*breakfast-cold cereal/bananas
*lunch-cheese dreams/chips

As always, a sincere thank you goes out to Laura for hosting and for adding a little sanity to my life!


Jean said...

Go for it! I'm taking the week off here. Younger son is now gone for three weeks, and hubby is now gone until Friday night. Meals? Everyone here is a grownup and knows where the food and cooking equipment reside. Me? I'm quilting this week!

Melissa R. Garrett said...

LOL! My inspiration for tonight's stuffed peppers came from one of your recipes, and I almost added cheesy potatoes and ham to the list, too (maybe next week!!).

I like how you are planning out all your meals - great idea. My kids would *LOVE* me if only I bought Pop-tarts. Perhaps I'll have to a few times this summer. Get 'em on a sugar-high first thing in the morning ;-)

annie said...

Good menu!
I haven't planned the other meals, but maybe I should... thanks for the inspiration!
have a great Monday.

Barb, sfo said...

Enjoy your summer vacation! It is a good idea to keep things simple.
Thanks for sharing your menu this week.

Barb's Fridge

tegdirb92 said...

Impressive, you have breakfast and lunch planned too :) Have a wonderful week--great plan.

Renee's Ramblings said...

Wow! all three meals planned! Great menu. Have a wonderful week.

Marcia said...

Debi, I'm back to give you the link to peri-peri. Here you go


Dawn said...

Wow, I'm impressed. You certainly have been planning.

What are dino eggs?

I tried a new dish last week and Timmy cried (*roll eyes*) Rich wasn't overly thrilled with it either. It was a delicious chicken recipe too!

take care,

Anonymous said...

Yum~ It all sounds good! The fresh peach muffins sound extra good to me today! I just had peach yogurt, maybe that's why, LOL.

Jennifer said...

Look at you go! Good for you! I'm not sure I could stick to an exact plan of all 3 meals...but maybe I'll try it some day.

My kids would love me too if I bought Pop Tarts - but I have to watch CJ's sugar intake so much, that I don't want to overload him at breakfast. But he would be thrilled!!

Have some fantabulous eating this week!

kreed said...

Look at you with your 3 meal a day plan! I am thoroughly impressed! And bummed that I can't pop in for lunch on Friday - I can't remember the last time I had grilled cheese and tomato soup. I will have to do that very soon - thanks for the reminder!

kreed said...

Hey- what's a cheese dream?

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh my goodness, what a menu! You're doing a lot of cooking, but I tell you, you guys will be feasting like kings. That all looks delicious!

Have a wonderful week Debi!

gail@more than a song said...

You're being so organized to have all this planned! Way to go...and it all looks great.
I think I did plan more when all the kids were little and I'm doing good to plan my night meals now but it helps so much.