Wednesday, June 27, 2007

nothing much

Just not much exciting going on around here the last few days. I don't even have a "words on Wednesday" post today, because I didn't come across any new words this past week. Must not have got much reading done, huh?

Anyway, evenings are still filled with soccer games. Gray scored his first goal Monday night! And days have been spent doing normal stuff. I've been working on trying to "condense" the classroom, so I can move my scrapbook stuff out there. Also been working on getting the IHIP (Individual Home Instruction Plan) ready to send into the school district for Annie's next year of homeschooling.

The kids seem to be enjoying their first week of summer vacation so far. No "I'm bored"s yet anyway. Gray, of course, spends hours each day drawing. And Annie, of course, spends the bulk of her time reading. Max, as usual, spends the majority of his time trying to annoy Gray and Annie. When failing at that endeavor, he inevitably manages to find trouble elsewhere.

Since I've nothing else to talk about, I figured I'd post a couple of layouts I completed over the last couple of weeks...

Both blasts from the past. I randomly chose a photo box, and then randomly chose a photo. How fast time flies...those pictures of Annie are from 6 years ago, and the one of Gray is 4.5 years ago. Wow. Thank heavens for photos!

And this is just a card I threw together for a friend's little girl's birthday.

And now I guess it's time to sign off from this less than exciting post. But Mom, I'll bet you at least enjoyed the pictures of the munchkins, huh?


annie said...

OOOOOO ~ so pretty!
btw... about the shower, I have contacted paypal now by phone and email and am waiting for an id number to be able to do the shower the way I wanted in the first place. I'm hoping they get it to me today. I'll let you know when it comes.
Have a great Wednesday!

twiga92 said...

I like that blue paper with the stars/fireworks (?) on it. Nice job on the pages. I'm so behind on scrapbooking these days.

kreed said...

Great layouts - and fun to see the kids as little kiddos again! I have been pulling from random photo boxes, too and it can really be kind of fun!

Dawn said...

Your layouts look great. I think I've only scrapped Timmy's photos up to 2002! I have on occasion picked random photos to scrap! I think I might use your idea of picking a random box. I like that!

I hope the kids enjoy their summer. I also hope you get the things accomplished that you'd like.

take care,

Anonymous said...

So very pretty! I always envy y'all scarpbooky people. I just never got into it but I enjoy everyone else's!

I just got your message ... You didn't get my *long* email on Saturday? Maybe I went to the spam folder, LOL?? Pfffft, LOL! Okay, I'll resend my addy here in a bit.

Y'all enjoy your day!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Gosh, I have no idea how you find time to do everything you do, girl! Reading, doing these GREAT scrapbook layouts, even cards. All adorable :)

I have a HUGE stockpile of photos, so if you ever run out.... LOL!

Melody said...

Wow, the layouts all looked great! Wish I have the time for that, LOL. Or maybe I'm just plain lazy. And yeah, it's always fun to look at photos, and then sigh and wonder how time flies. Happy scrapbooking! :)

Jennifer said...

Your layouts are AWESOME! I can't decide which I like better because they are so totally different. I just love them both! And what a cute card!!

And how cool to just randomly pull pictures to work with. I've never thought of that. Maybe if I did that and commited to work what I pulled, I'd get more done - instead of spending 30 minutes just trying to figure out which pictures to work with!

I finally got to sit down and scrap a little, and it felt wonderful!