Monday, June 25, 2007

let's hear it for good people

In the previous post, I was honored to talk about about some wonderful rockin' girls out here in the land of blog. I love those "award" thingies that go around because they provide us with opportunities to tell people how much we care about them and appreciate what they do with their blogs. And in that vain, I want to post a special thank you to another blogger.

You all know how obsessed taken I've become with reading challenges lately. I seriously have a hard time passing them up (but I swear I really have said "no" to some!). Anyway, I'm not sure if I'll ever actually complete one before its deadline or not. But that's okay. I'm gaining so much from them. For one thing, because of them, I am allowing myself more "me" reading time than I had been. And for another, they've made me read books that I probably would not have otherwise read. And here's where the thank you comes in...

Carl hosted the Once Upon a Time Challenge, which just finished up. Now personally, I didn't make a very good showing...only reading 2 of my 5 books. But my eyes were opened to a whole new world...a world I found to be perfectly delightful. In fact, I'm definitely going to finish the other books I'd chosen, and I'm sure my fantasy reading will not stop there either.

Anyway, let me tell you about Carl. about a dedicated challenge host! The amount of time and energy he put into this challenge was amazing! He made it a truly magical experience throughout for all of the participants. Not to mention the gazillions of prizes.

But even more than this, Carl did something that touched me personally...he made my little girl very happy! See, Annie participated in this challenge as well (and of course, made a much better showing than I, completing all 15 of her books). And Carl singled her out for a special prize at the end of the challenge. But even more than the actual physical prize (which is totally cool, by the way!), was the gift of a boost to her self-esteem! If you'd like to see what he wrote about her, you can here in his Once Upon a Time Reading Challenge round-up (scroll down to page 4 of his "Onceupona Times").

It's just been one of those days when I've been reminded in a big way how truly wonderful most people are!


Dawn said...

What a nice thing to share. I read his blog about Annie. You must be very proud of her. (Well, I know you are!) I'm sure Annie feels wonderful about her accomplishments.

It is nice reading/hearing how "strangers" can be so kind that their actions have a lasting impact on people. It should be acknowledged so much more that it is.

Thanks for sharing the story.

take care,

Carl V. said...

Aw, shucks! ;)

It has truly been a pleasure to host the challenges and to try to find new and interesting ways to keep people motivated, to keep them involved, and to let them know that things don't have to be static or boring, they can be exciting!

Annie is a truly remarkable young lady and I am thrilled to see a kindred spirit in her. When I was her age I too read like there was no tomorrow. My summers were filled with a great deal of playing and carrying on, but they were also filled with many trips to the library and lots of great reading. Hence my love for it today.

It is my pleasure to do something to reward her for her dedication and enthusiastic participation in the challenge.

I believe there really are alot of nice people in the world, it is just that we don't always get the opportunity to be nice in a public forum. And really it is the nice things that go on behind the scenes, when no one is looking, that make the biggest impact.

I have had such great fun doing this, and I'm glad I made Annie, and you, smile.

kreed said...

How awesome! Of course everyone who knows Annie knows how wonderful she is and it is great to see ohters recognize that, too! And don't forget the extra special parents that fostered her love of reading and have helped her become the terrific young lady she is!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Aww, how incredibly sweet! Sweet of Carl to do this and to talk about Annie, and so sweet of you to honor him for it. I'm off to read his blog :)

annie said...

I went over and read the write up about your Annie, how wonderful!

Melody said...

That's a wonderful post, Debi! Thanks for sharing with us. And I'll check out Carl's blog in a minute. ;)

Melissa R. Garrett said...

How absolutely wonderful!!

Congatulations to Annie!

amy said...

FYI, you can get excused from jury duty once for no reason and then if you are the only person who can watch you kids you can get yourself the person on your summons

Jennifer said...

I finally got a chance to go over and read that. How awesome is that! It's so cool she got recognized! And WOW - is she an avid reader! I read a lot at that age, but I don't think any of my books were nearly ambitious as hers! I'm impressed!

gail@more than a song said...

Aww, isn't that sweet!

Org Junkie said...

That is very very sweet! Your daughter must be over the moon!!

Well done Annie reading so many books. I'm going to have to show my daughter your list :)


Dark Orpheus said...

Hi Debi. Annie's reading list really does put me to shame. I should be reading more, but I'm losing to a 10 year old. Hah! Shame on me! :)

And I agree, Carl is a really sweet guy. He has a big heart and it's definitely in the right place.

And I think you're definitely pointing Annie in the right direction. Children often follow the examples of their parents when it comes to reading. May Annie continue to enjoy reading.

And may you continue to enjoy reading.