Sunday, July 01, 2007

a big old hodgepodge of nothing exciting...

*On slate for the day:
--Finish cleaning this house. (A "must-do" as Annie is having a friend sleep over tonight, and I'd really hate to have her go home and tell her mom what a pig sty we live in.)
--Pick up some odds and ends at the grocery store. (A "must-do" because we'd really like to be able to brush our teeth for the rest of the week.)
--Go to nursery to order flagstone. (A "should-do" before someone breaks an ankle on our crumbling walkway.)
--Make menu for coming week. (A "should-do" as it really does make life easier in the long run.)
--Work some on next year's school prep. (A "should-do" because I'd really like to have as much possible done before school starts, so I'm not constantly trying to stay one step ahead and actually falling two steps behind.)
--Go to Barnes & Noble. (A "just for fun" that needs no explanation.)

*I actually had enough gumption left at the end of the day to go scrapbook for a bit. Threw together a quick zoo layout. Nothing fancy. But then I never get too fancy.

*Carl, a man of apparently limitless generosity, decided to get Annie the extended edition DVDs of the Lord of the Ring trilogy. Yeah, WOW, huh? Actually, he found the first one and sent it to Annie as part of "her prize"...which, of course, he didn't have to do--he just made up the category for her prize after the fact. Anyway, he told me after he'd mailed it that he'd wished he'd got all of the movies for her. And wouldn't you know...yep, he went and did it. Annie and I watched The Fellowship of the Rings. It goes without saying that Annie loved it. What surprised the crap out of me was how much I loved it! I'd never seen the movies or read the books. I honestly just never thought I'd be interested. Wrong! Now I get what all the fuss was about...better late than never, I suppose. And of course, now I can't wait to read the books.


Carrie! :o) said...

Wow, how very sweet of him!! I bet that made Annie's day! :o)

You've got alot to do, LOL. I should be doing some of those things, myself, LOL. Instead, I'll sit and stare at my list and hope some things magically disappear, LOL.

Hope you've had a good weekend! I got your reply and hope I get a chance to sit down to reply to my emails later this evening. My computer time gets shorter and shorter, LOL. Even when Levi's sleeping, there's bottles to be made and baby laundry to do. Whew, I forgot how much work having a baby is, LOL!

Jean said...

If you and Annie haven't watched the "making of" episodes (assuming they're on the extended set, which I think they are), do so. The ones on Fellowship are especially interesting in that it's explained how they make the hobbits look so short through the use of forced perspective and some other techniques. You could almost use it as a school lesson.

twiga92 said...

That's a cool layout. Did you do it digitally or on paper? How did you get the pictures to line up so well? Nice job!

Jennifer said...

I need to do cleaning, grocery and menu planning myself! I suppose I'm in good company!

The layout is very cute - I really like it! I keep finding lately that most of my lo's are very simple and not so fancy, and at the moment, I'm liking it that way!

What a wonderful and generous surprise for Annie! And I was the same way about Fellowship - totally surprised how much I got into it, and couldn't wait till the others came out. We even went to see 2 & 3 in the Theater! I was hooked!

Have a great week!

kreed said...

Too much stuff on your to do list for a holiday weekend! Too cool that Carl sent the "Lord of the Rings" movies...Aren't they great? I never did make it through the books, but they are still in the bookshelf waiting. someday I'll get there! Love your layout - those pictures are great.

Carl V. said...

It was a pleasure to get them for her. So glad that you are enjoying them as well. Can't wait to hear what you both think of Two Towers and Return of the King.

Thank you Jean...I've been talking about all the 'making of' stuff so much that I know I sound like a broken record. Nice to see someone else advocating for the same thing! :)

Org Junkie said...

I love simple scrapbook pages, very nice!!

You've got quite a list there but definitely do your menu up for the week and link it up to MPM....chop chop...he he.


Melissa R. Garrett said...

GASP! GASP! How cool for Annie (and for you!).

I can't believe you've never seen the movies or read the books!! They are WONDERFUL! We don't own many DVD's, but those we do, and we get them out every once and awhile and watch them. Now you'll HAVE To read the books ;-)

Dawn said...

My list of things to do didn't get accomplished! It looks like you had a busy day!

What a nice surprise and gift for Annie. I have the movie but have never watched up!

Your layout looks nice. Great pictures. I'm impressed :)

take care,

gail@more than a song said...

What a fun thing for Annie! We LOVE LOTR movies, have them all in the extended versions and they are some of our very favorites...whole family loves 'em!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Wow! That was very generous indeed! Awesome movies though. =)