Monday, July 02, 2007

What's going on around here?!!

This is just downright freaky, but it is after 8:00am and not a single kiddo is up and about! Normally I'm lucky if we make it till 6:30. And for that I'm generally thankful as it wasn't that long ago when one of them was usually up by 5:30. Anyway, the girls may stay zonked till noon...I have no idea what time they finally went to sleep, as they outlasted both Rich and I. Gray is actually awake and was up to go to the bathroom, but went back to his bed to read. Max, usually the first to be up and about is still sleeping soundly. Freaky, I tell you. But I'm not complaining!

I've decided to blow off Menu Plan Monday this week. I'm such a rebel, huh? LOL. Anyway, Rich has the week off between summer sessions, and when he's off we tend to run around a lot, taking lots of day trips to state parks and the like. And we're leaving Friday morning for my family reunion anyway, so I just figured a menu plan would be hard to stick to this week. Hmmm...I'm getting quite adept at rationalizing, aren't I?

On the book front...we did get to Barnes & Noble yesterday. Not a one of us left empty-handed, I'm afraid. We're simply spineless when it comes to books. I told Carl that Neil Gaiman should start giving him a cut of his royalties...and I hold fast to that opinion. I simply could not stop myself from buying M is for Magic yesterday. I told myself that I could pick out a few of the stories to use for school next year. Again with the rationalizing, huh? I'm also excited about a book I bought for Annie called Fablehaven. It sounds wonderful, and I hope I can work it into my summer reading somewhere. In other book news, in the past week, 4 of Annie's books have been requested through Paperback Swap. She'll be giddy when the books arrive at their destinations and she's able to choose 4 books for herself!

I really must get some things ready to take to the post office in the next few days. So, if you happen to read this Jean, Carl, and Carrie, hopefully you will be receiving a little something later this week.

Well, this has been another hodgepodge of unconnected ramblings, hasn't it?


Dawn said...

Well, it's 9:45 here and Timmy is still sleeping. Yesterday he woke up at 10:20! My boy is a night owl. The quiet morning time is kind of nice :) I hope you enjoy it.

Have a fun week with Rich. I hope you get to visit lots of places.

take care,

gail@more than a song said...

That is what summers are for, staying up late and blowing off routines like menus! Enjoy it all.
And B&N, what a treat.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Well, this is a thoroughly happy post! Kids sleeping late, buying new books at B&N, Annie getting books through PBS, blowing off the menu to have fun and go day-tripping to state parks. Gosh, it all sounds pretty good to me :)

Have a wonderful week!

Jean said...

Something for me? Anticipation! As for Barnes & Noble, it's really sad when the staff recognize you and ask you how the book you bought on a previous visit was. Even worse than when I used to walk into one of the quilt shops here and get greeted by name given that the B&N customer base is oh so much larger than the quilt shop's was. Enjoy the week of mini-vacations!

Jennifer (Chronicles of a Night Owl) said...

Hope you enjoyed your nice, quiet morning! Funny - if everyone is still asleep here, then so am I! I never pass up an opportunity to sleep in as late as possible. Usually cuz I'm up so late!!!

Enjoy your week!

(PS - the new name and look are finished!)

kreed said...

How nice to have a quiet morning - hope you enjoyed it!

I didn't know you had a reunion coming up! Who will be there?

Is the paperback swap working well? I always wondered how well that would work...

Melody said...

Hey Debi, it definitely sounds good to me! :D I hope you've a wonderful week!

Carl V. said...

Any day that you can go to the bookstore and come home with a new Gaiman book is a good day! ;) There are definitely some usable stories in there, look forward to your thoughts on the book.

Anonymous said...

Who needs MPM anyway?! PFFFFFT! LOL!! You deserve a break! :o)

Glad y'all got some good readin'! Bookstores are always fun! The smell is enough to make me melt!

Hope y'all are having a good week!!

Org Junkie said...

Oh you are a rebel. I might have to start stalking you...he he.


Melissa R. Garrett said...

I wish my kids would sleep past 6:30, oh how I wish!

I love how you said you are all "spineless" when it comes to buying new books. Get it? Spineless? Hahahaha!!

I wondered how close you all were to the museum. Darn it! Well, considering we were there for four hours and still didn't get through all of it, I'm sure we will be heading back in the future. And then we will be sure to meet up!! What an awesome place that was especially the butterfly garden :-)