Friday, July 20, 2007

the speculation on milk

A few of you have wanted to know why our milk is so cheap here. My answer is "I don't know." My guess, however, is that it's because we live in such a huge dairy state. (Yes, I know many people don't think "New York" and "agriculture" belong in the same sentence, but I assure you they really, truly do.)

Anyway, like I said, that's just my guess.

And by the way, a trip to the grocery store yesterday had us paying $2.39 a gallon. Higher than it has been, but still cheap compared to most of you, I assuming. (If it makes you feel any better, our gas prices are always well above the national average though.)


gail@more than a song said...

Yeah, if something is cheaper in one place I'd bet there were other things that were higher to make up for it. And I just know your gas is higher and as much as we might not like paying more for milk, I think I'll take that over the high gas!

Anonymous said...

We aren't milk drinkers, so I hardly buy more than 1/2 a gallon every 2 weeks. I have no clue what it's going for around here. Coke is 94 cents at Wal-Mart and that's all that matters to me, LOL!

Jennifer said...

Well, I don't want gas prices to be any higher either, but I'm jealous of your milk prices! I can remember thinking $2.79 was getting a little steep. Now I'd be thrilled to get it for that!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Our gas is lower, but everything else is high. Bought groceries yesterday. I was "relieved" that milk had not gone up again. I "only" paid 4.07 a gallon for store-brand skim milk. And our 2 liters of coke products here are 1.33 (Walmart) and 1.50 (grocery). I'm envious of you and your milk, and Carrie and her coke!


~**Dawn**~ said...

I believe New York is an agricultural state! I love the trip we used to take up to Cooperstown. We would come up through the Catskills. All back roads. Lots of farms.