Tuesday, August 28, 2007

not my usual

Well, according to the not-so-rigid schedule I'd made for myself way back when, Tuesday was to be my day to post about any of my creative endeavors. But for the most part, those have been severely lacking as of late. I did finish a layout a couple weeks ago, but am lacking the motivation to photograph it so I can post it today (got a doozie of a summer cold, that is just sucking my mental energies). Did manage to scan this card I made for my wonderful parents, who have been helping us out in numerous ways as of late. (They truly are the greatest!)

But I do have news on a different creative front. I had planned to post about this weeks ago, right before the computer debacle. Anyway, as much as I love to write, it's just not a talent I am endowed with. So when Carl announced his Tiny Story Contest I really had no intention of joining. (I thought it would be the perfect little exercise for Annie to try, but she never got around to doing it.) Anyway, Carl worded the announcement like such a challenge, stating that we couldn't use "but I'm not that creative" as an excuse. So I decided to give it a shot, just to see if I could do it. Now, this was not just any writing contest--it had very specific rules...it had to be exactly 100 words long and you could not use any word more than once. Aaargh. I have no idea if everyone else had as difficult a time as I did or not. The 100 words part wasn't so bad, but the not using any word more than once...now that was tough. Anyway, the unbelievable happened...I tied for third place! Which had me feeling giddy all day, let me tell you! Unfortunately though, I really feel unworthy. Seriously, you should really read what some of those talented people came up with (and you can, right here). I was honestly blown away by the stories the others wrote! My tiny story honestly didn't measure up, but hey...I'll take any boost to the ego I can get.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Cute card! My creative juices are nonexistent these days. I haven't scrapbooked in ages and never in my life have I been any good at creative writing. I wish I were :)

Hope your cold goes away and you feel better soon!

Jennifer said...

Super cute card, Debi. But I have to say, I am TOTALLY impressed with your story! I could never have done that! And, I'm not just saying it because I "know" you - but I thought yours was better than many of them - it was easier to read than most of them (for me, anyway) - it just flowed well. AND it had humor - I LOVED IT!!! So impressed, I am!!! Congratulations!

Melody said...

The card is lovely! And huge congrats on winning the contest!!! I'm so thrilled for you, Debi! I think you have done well on the writing...imagine having to write a short story of 100 words without repeating words, that really requires lots of imagination and creativity! You go, girl! :D

kreed said...

I cannot believe you managed to write a story without using any word more than once - amazing! And I thought it was the best one - a great story without being pretentious. Hooray for you!

I hope you get over your cold soon - there is nothing worse than a summer cold. I can't figure out exactly why that is - maybe just because we don't expect to be sick in the summer. Anyway, feel better!

Chris said...

I loved your story Debi :) It was a big challenge, but it was lots of fun. It was almost like a puzzle. I must have sat there reworking my story for 2 hours after writing the original trying to make it exactly 100 words and not re-using any words.

Great card! You've got some talent!

Debi said...

Thanks everyone! You really are being too kind!

I know what you mean! I'll bet it took me even longer than two hours. Each time I was sure I'd found all my double words, I'd notice another. I finally had to sit down and list every word in my story alphabetically to make sure I had no more duplicates. But even with all the hair pulling, it still was kinda fun. And by the way, I loved your story, too! I really thought everyone did a fabulous job, didn't you?

Jean said...

Great story, Debi! You really should think about NaNoWriMo. As I exercised last night, one must-include scene in this year's work exploded into a "here's the general premise" stage. Notes have been taken, but no writing can yet occur. Have Annie e-mail me if she wants to be NaNo writing buddies unless you're doing it.

You know, it's hard to make sure you didn't use the same word twice, as I was attempting above. And what were the rules on contractions? Was my "you're" distinct from my use of "you"? What fun! And heartier congratulations. I think the repeat restriction would be much harder to use than the word count. Word counts I can usually handle, but not to repeat ... my hat is off to you and the others.

Debi said...


That must be an incredible feeling to have parts of your story reveal themselves to you! So, any hints as to what we're in store for this year? More zombies? I have to tell you...every time I think of your book from last year, I am in awe!

I know Annie would LOVE to be writing buddies, so I'll have her e-mail you. I haven't mentioned NaNoWriMo to her in a while...probably should, so she can start getting some of those ideas ruminating in her head.

If I'm not mistaken, Chris (who commented above, and who wrote a tiny story as well) is participating in NaNoWriMo, too.

**Isn't that right, Chris?**

You all totally amaze me for even trying...let alone succeeding!

Jean said...

I actually considered taking a break from NaNo this year, but my kids have informed me that it might be my only hope of getting the Mother of the Year award here. They seem to think that having done it for two years, I now must do it every year. So I shall, which justifies the cost of the t-shirt.

And it wouldn't be NaNoWriMo for me without zombies. This year's is shaping up to be more comedic. The scene from which everything else has sprung involves two kids (probably boys since I know how two boys act with each other) trying to find a date for their father who just happens to be a zombie. I don't have all the details of how they get to that point worked out, nor do I know what happens after the date, but that's part of the fun.

I know you could do it, Debi. Make the story about a blogger, and you could incorporate your regular blogging. Let's see. Stay-at-home mom who blogs slowly sucked into an interactive game world. Slowly driven first to distraction and then over the edge. The latter one would lend itself to comedy or drama. :-)

Chris said...

Yeah, crazy me is still going to attempt NaNo, though I don't know how successful I'll be...but I'm going to try!

I loved all of the Tiny Stories! In fact, I still find myself going back to them to reread them every now and them. I honest loved each and every one of them...it would be great to see them all collected together in a book!

Carrie! :o) said...

Awww, what a cute card you made. That was sweet of you.

I'm so sorry you have a cold. Summer colds are the worst. I feel for ya!

I'm gonna have to go read the story when I get an extra free minute. :o)

Quixotical said...

Your story was great, Debi, I really liked it!

Love the card - I'm into crafty things too, incl. cardmaking. Now I'm more settled, I'll be working on some again so look out for craft related posts on my blog :)

I'm participating in NaNoWriMo too, so would be great if you and Annie do.