Monday, October 22, 2007

homeschool happenings and highlights (week 7)

This weeks post is told from the view of an outsider, as I was not Annie's teacher this past week. Annie expressed an interest in learning about machines this year. Not a subject on which I have any knowledge, and frankly, not one I was overly thrilled about learning. However, I had the perfect teacher in dad! This man knows machines!

So last weekend, we delivered Annie to her Grammy and Papa. It was the weekend of their fall tractor show. So, to start out her "studies" for the week, Annie learned all about old steam engines, tractors, and other various farm equipment. (As we were there, I was able to capture a few photos. But I've got no photos for the rest of the week. Annie had a disposable camera, but we haven't yet had a chance to get those photos developed.)

The rest of the week was filled with loads of machine-related activities. They watched a Modern Marvels episode I had taped on engines. They visited a mechanic's garage. (Annie can now tell me all about castor, camber, and tow, as well as fuel, ignition, and compression. But if you want it explained you'll have to ask her.) They visited an old farming museum, where Annie got to both shell corn and grind it. They visited two different machine shops, one where Uncle Butchie works, and the other where Papa works part-time now that he's retired. She got to actually make a trailor hitch from 1" square metal stock using Papa's lathe and mill.

But machines weren't her only "subject" for the week. Grammy and Papa took her to a fossil exhibit at Mercyhurst University.

For music, she attended choir practice with Grammy and Papa.

And for art, Grammy began teaching Annie to crochet. Annie now has the chain and single crochet mastered. Grammy had hoped to get farther along than that, but there wasn't much time with everything else they were up to. Annie did make a really cute hair scrunchie.

And Grammy was kind enough to help Annie make our New York recipe (New York State Apple Muffins) as well.

Overall, I think Annie had one incredible week of learning!


Chris said...

What a cool week for Annie! muffins, yum! You're reading 4 incredible books right now, fun!

Melissa Garrett said...

Annie puts the rest of us to shame, seriously! Sounds like she had a fantastic time :-)

kreed said...

What fun week! Sounds like a great time was had by all.

Jean said...

Wow! What fun! I bet she slept well each night after such busy days.

Melody said...

Wow, I'm sure Annie had loads of fun! Great pics BTW. :)

Nymeth said...

It sounds sound like she learned a lot! It's so great that she is interested in so many different things!

gail@more than a song said...

I'd say she had a huge week! And I too think she'd put us all to the grandparents loved it too.