Tuesday, December 18, 2007

an early Christmas

What's that old saying about never knowing until you try? I can't remember the exact wording, but here's proof of its wisdom...

Little Pink...is she not gorgeous?!! Yes, she arrived in the mail from Carl today. Part of the prize for the Something Sinister contest. Which I almost didn't enter, because, well, as much as I wish I were, I simply am not a photographer. And though I like to think myself creative in certain realms, I just didn't think this would be one of them. But oh how I wanted to win this beautiful Poppet! *appropriate spot to slip in that old saying* Yep, sometimes you just get lucky!

Thank you once again, Carl!


gail@more than a song said...

How fun to win something! And did you submit a photo? Stacy won something big here the other day too....it hasn't extended to me yet!

Chris said...

I LOVED your photos! They were great. Isn't little pink awesome! It's one of my favorite Lisa Snellings-Clark pieces. She really does some amazing work. So glad you have one now :)

Melody said...

I too love your photos, Debi! And that's a lovely poppet you have there! I want one too, but they are so hard to get!!!

DesLily said...

wow and congrats again!.. have you named any of your poppets???

Carl V. said...

I'm not sure, but does your little pink glow in the dark? Glad it arrived safe and sound and that you are enjoying it!

Nymeth said...

It was more than luck, Debi. Your photos really were great!

Little Pink looks lovely. She's so big next to the other Poppet!

Debi said...


I saw that...both Stacy and Dawn won big, huh? I was so excited for both of them!


Thanks! Little Pink is simply gorgeous, isn't she? I find myself just watching her, like I'm sure she's going to tell me something soon. I know it's weird, but I really get that feeling...


You really should get one! There is just something magical and alluring about them. (Shhh...two more will be joining my family on Christmas, but I'm not really supposed to know that.)


Thank you! Maybe it sounds a bit goofy, but actually I'm still waiting for them to tell me their names.


She does! I drug Annie into the closet with me soon after I opened the box, so we could see the little rabbit glow.


Thank you...that was so sweet of you to say! I had no idea she was going to be so big...but she really is lovely, isn't she?

Carl V. said...

Cool, I had forgotten about that and something jogged the ol' memory when I saw the picture.