Friday, December 21, 2007

for the love of a dog

This was supposed to be an easy, relaxing day. I finally felt like I was in good shape for Christmas. Annie and I just had a few quick things to do for school, then I needed to make a cake to take with us this weekend, pack for the weekend, deliver plates of cookies to the neighbors, and make up the futon. The rest of the day was to be free to work on school plans for next month, and yes, to relax and do some reading just for fun. Ahhh, how I was looking forward to it.

Enter one pouty-faced dog. He's been down in the dumps for the past couple of days because he destroyed his bed. And let me tell you, he LOVED his bed. It wasn't just any old dog bed. No, it was a Flyers bean bag chair. He appropriated it from Gray, who would happily give that dog of his anything, up to and including a kidney I'm sure.

Now Baker didn't mean to destroy his bed. He just gets himself a bit wound up from time to time. Usually with the help of one human or another. And when he gets fired up, he feels the need to throw his bed. Yes, it's really quite the squat, corpulent beagle grabbing a bean bag chair more than twice his size and throwing it into the air. But I'm afraid his last go-round with the bed ended in disaster...a large jagged tear issuing forth little white beads throughout the room.

And ever since, Baker has simply been beside himself with grief. He wandered from room to room to room, just testing out spot after spot after spot. Nowhere suited him. What can I say...the dog is obviously spoiled.

So, what does this total pushover here do? Decided to make him a new bed. Why I felt the need to spend my day this way is beyond me. See, Baker, though technically Gray's dog, has made it abundantly clear that he is really Rich's dog. His world revolves around Rich. The rest of us matter to him not one iota. Oh, he likes us well enough, I suppose. Or maybe he just puts up with us because he doesn't know how to get rid of us. Then again, he might just keep me around, as he seems to think of me as his own personal servant...I feed him, give him his medicine, let him out in the middle of the night, etc.

Anyway, back to the bed. This is what I started with this morning:

I've been saving everyone's worn-out and outgrown fleece clothing for the past several years. I told myself that someday I was going to make us a nice cozy quilt using the fabric from them.

By lunchtime I had this:

And finally, by 7:30 this evening, I had one very happy dog testing out his new bed:


Boudicca said...

Dang...I wish I was your dog.I think it would be heaven to snuggle up on my very own little fleecy bed :P Such a nice early Christmas present you've given Baker! :D

I have that same sort of box in the closet. At this point,I'm guessing my first (or 4th) born grandchild will be the recipient of a quilt made from it. *sigh*

cj said...

Awww... what a sweetie you are. I love the bed but it reminded me that my dog needs a new one. I wonder what sort of bribe it would take to get my sister to make one?


My Semblance of Sanity said...

You craft like me - it's ALL OR NUTHIN'....I have to start and finish spreading it over a long period of time!
Doesn't work for me!

Love the dog bed!!!

Jennifer said...

You. Amaze. Me. I can't believe you just 'whipped that up' in a few hours!

Hmmmm....if I tear MY bed up...could you make me one? LOL!!!!

Joy said...

Awwwwe...what a great idea! You appear to have one happy dog! :)

LOL at Jennifer's comment.

Nymeth said...

It's too bad you ended up with no time for yourself, but I know what it's like not to be able to resist one pouty-faced dog. It was very sweet of you to make him a new bed, and he looks very happy with it in the picture!

DesLily said...

can you handly making a pillow top for my bed?? no huh? dang!

love the doggie bed!!

Jean said...

Way to go! Your corners even match, which is why I do artsy, nontraditional, "liberated" quilts. Start with squares and need to line things up? Way too hard for me! And I won't be showing Marburg your post, because then he'll be giving me puppy eyes for a new bed. Merry Christmas a bit early!

Chris said...

Well excuse me! That's great! Baker is too cute. Buddy (me and megan's dog) has ruined so many beds and it's always such a sad thing. He mopes around after upset that he has to sleep on the floor until he gets another one. That's such a great little bed for him that you made!

Lynne said...

You are such a great Mommy to make the new bed. It looks great.

Have a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

AHHHH! You are one sweet mommy!

Melissa Garrett

Have a wonderful Christmas!

Stephanie said...

He's just so sweet looking!! Poor guy. I feel bad for him destroying his bed!! What could be worse than that! may be a pushover, but he looks so happy!! Good for you!!

Melody said...

You are a sweet mom!!! Baker looks very happy with his new bed. And I think his new bed is very nice. :)

Carl V. said...

Aww...what a good dog owner! I'm sure he is happy as a clam now.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I haven't had a chance to catch up on blogs, but I hope you have a wonderfully Merry Christmas, Debi.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Oh my goodness, that is the cutest dog bed I have ever seen! And believe me, I love dog beds. Beau has had three in the year or so we've had them, I love cute beds :) That one takes the cake, and aren't you just the BEST dog mom, EVAH!

Merry Christmas!

gail@more than a song said...

Gasp! How totally cute....was it hard to do? And the quilt would be a good idea too. I've saved all my kids t-shirts for years b/c I had a project for cutting them up and tying them onto a canvas for a throw rug. I started it a year or so ago, it was taking foreeeeveeer and I quit! Now I've gotta decide whether to go back to it or toss it all.