Wednesday, December 05, 2007

in the interest of impartiality and family peace

Argh. I was accused of playing favorites. And I'm afraid the evidence spoke for itself. Max, resident cat-fanatic, noticed that I posted pictures of each of the kids and a picture of Baker with the Christmas tree...but I did not post a picture of Aldo. I believe in his mind this borders on sacrilege.

So, in an effort to get back into my 5-year-old's good graces, I present Aldo...

And the weather most surely is doing its part to contribute to the old Christmas-y feeling around here. I took this photo when I took Gray out to the bus yesterday morning. It continued to snow throughout the day, and we ended up with about 16 inches. Sooooo pretty.


Jean said...

Tell Max he's right--cats count just as much as dogs do. Just ask the one who slept on me last night. And 16 inches of snow here in Virginia would close schools for at least a week! Of course, that's not an issue in this house any longer. Wild-eyed grin as I type. :-)

Chele76 said...

OMG!!!!! Look at those pudgy cheeks! You have SUCH a beautiful kitty :) Pick him up and give him a hug for me!

Carl V. said...

Holy crap...everyone in the continental United States has snow except me! It isn't fair. The Kansas City area is in a weird belt where the weather usually goes just above us or just below us. Now this is great when say, hailstorms or tornadoes go by, but it sucks for people like me, who grew up in Nebraska and are used to big snows all winter long, to be living in a place that teases with snow and never delivers.

Your kitty looks quite content snuggle in amongst the presents!

DesLily said... cat used to do the same thing.. loved being under the tree lol..

yikes! The snow is only pretty if you aren't the one who has to shovel!!! Especially, when you get older!

Lis Garrett said...

Cats are of an opinionated sort. Mine has fallen out of my good graces, lately, thanks to the sharp nail he sunk into my finger yesterday and ripped through my skin. I thought I might have to get stitches, it was that bad. We've since given his nails a good trim (which a sweat-inducing task itself).

The snow is beautiful!! I can't believe Ithaca canceled school yesterday for a piddly five inches. What the heck?!

Dewey said...

Wow, 16 inches and there was still school for Gray? You must live in Minnesota or something! ;)

About the cat, no, it's just a straight photo with no enhancement at all. She was just meowing. If you look in your own cat's mouth, you'll see there are big fangs in there, and since she's so dark, they just showed up really well against her face and made her look like Dracula.

Debi said...


That's exactly where Aldo sleeps, too! (Well, on me, not on you...obviously.)


You know, that's so funny...she does look like she's a bit of a pudgeball in that picture, doesn't she? In reality, she's a dainty little thing weighing in at a whopping 7 pounds.


I had no idea you grew up in Nebraska. I visited the state during the summer of '06...and I absolutely fell in love with it! I always pictured it as all flat and full of corn. And of course, you do have that in the east, but whoa, was I blown away by the sand hills and then the spectacular scenery in the west. Every inch I saw of the state was simply gorgeous!

I can definitely sympathize with missing the snow! I grew up in the snow belt (around the Great Lakes). But then Rich went to school in TN, and we ended up living there for 11 years. Oh, how I missed snow! Luckily, we're back in the snow belt now (though in a different area than where I grew up).


Yeah, I'm certain you're right! I won't think it's nearly so pretty when Rich goes away for 2 weeks in January, and it's me who has to do the shoveling!


Yeah, my cat would definitely be in the dog house, too! Ouch!!!

Sounds like someone there in the district hit the panic button, huh? I'm sure they don't normally cancel school with that amount of snow, do they?


LOL, no, just upstate NY, along the Great Lakes snow belt.

I'm still not convinced she isn't Dracula's cat! But she sure is gorgeous!

Carl V. said...

That's funny, as I certainly don't see the east as flat. I drive through much of that countryside on the way home and it is all rolling hills and beautiful fields. I personally am not a big fan of the is pretty in its own way but is just not my thing so I've always considered the western part of Nebraska to be a wasteland. Ha!

Debi said...


I hope you didn't take my comments as an insult...I swear that's not how they were meant! My FIL was born and raised in eastern Nebraska, and the picture I always took away from him was farmland, farmland, farmland. As I said, I just loved every inch of Nebraska. I was just blown away by how extremely varied the land was across the state.

Nymeth said...

That's a lovely picture of Aldo. He kind of reminds me of my cat. Oh, how I miss my cats.

That's so nice that you are getting such Christmas-y weather. I wish it would snow here too!

Chris said...

wow, that snow is beautiful! I'll never know snow that beautiful down here in New Orleans so I'll live it vicariously through your wonderful pictures :)

And Aldo looks very nice and comfy under the tree! I hope Max is a little more comforted now ;)

charlotte said...

oh aldo!! he looks so badass. like a real character! :)

and that snow looks gorgeous! very cool photo.

Jean Pierre said...

oops - that wasn't charlotte, that was me. i didn't realise that she was signed in...!

Melody said...

Aldo is adorable! She looks so satisfied snuggling under the tree surrounded with those wonderful presents, hehe...

OMG! Snow!! How I wish you can send some down my way, LOL!

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

WELL. Aldo seems like a very nice cat, but being a dog person, please feel free to post as many of Baker as you like. :)

PLEASE do not tell me that you have all of those presents WRAPPED, already under your tree. Please don't say that. Considering I have not bought a single.solitary.present yet....

Snow, something we rarely get once a decade here. I LOVE seeing photos of it - post as many as you like!

Have a great day!

Jennifer said...

Aww..poor sweet kitty almost got left out! Max to the rescue - lol! He sure looks like a sweetie.

And I'm still totally jealous of all your snow!

kreed said...

Oh little Aldo...still into mischief in and amongst the gifts, I see!

Just to let you know that you are a bad influence...I felt so bad about my lack of a TBR pile I went to the used bookstore today and spent $20 on five books. Just had to do it - they'll look great piled up by the bed!

Jean Pierre said...

yes - i just saw that too now - are those presents all ones that you've wrapped already!?

wow! now that is organised.

i've managed to do about half of my shopping so far, but the wrapping is always an 11th hour thing...!

Debi said...

Stacy and Jean Pierre,

I only wish I could say those are presents I wrapped! But I have to admit those are ones from people who really do have their acts together. (And I'm definitely not included in that group of people.)


Glad to be of So what did you buy? Inquiring minds want to know!

I really, really miss the huge used books stores back in east TN. That's where probably 90% of my TBR pile was obtained. Oops...probably shouldn't have admitted that, because now you know how long these books have been around waiting to be read.

Stephanie said...

Too funny!! We don't have any cats. My husband is allergic. Of course, we have two monster sized dogs, who are whining right now. It's 11 degrees out!! Sheesh. We are expecting a few inches of snow too. I guess winter decided to finally show up....with a vengence!!

Carl V. said...

No, I didn't take them as an insult at all, it just cracked me up as you are the first person I've heard who has compared those parts of Nebraska that way. I always hear exactly the opposite from other people. I just though it was funny. Hope I didn't come across as defensive. I love my home state, but I'm not that in love with it! ;)

gail@more than a song said...

My Elizabeth would agree with Max about the cats! She let hers in once and they went for the tree but he stays outside now.
And snow! That's just not right, it's been like almost 80 here several days this week, ugh. With mosquitoes, SO not right!

~**Dawn**~ said...

::singing to self::
I'm dreaming of a white Christmas just like the ones I used to know...

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